Impress me with your knowledge about Chinese Chess!

So here is the question, pretty specific one.

As anyone knows who can play 象棋, the two generals may never face each other. There either has to be another piece between them or they must be on completely different lines of the board at all times.

As far as game-mechanics are concerned, I know the reason for this rule. It is yet another way to prevent draws.

What I would like to know beyond that is the following:

A) Is there a technical term for that rule? The ‘One-general-may-never-see-the-other-general-rule’ sounds too awkward.

B) Is there also a nice little story behind that rule? Something like “one general may never step into the qi of the other general” or “the generals cast the evil eye”?

Btw, this is for a school project, so if you submit a serious answer, naming your sources is VERY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


there is two versions of chinese chess, the on your talking about and the one where you flip the pieces. i know more about the flipping one.

the generals cannot go outside a square

That was very helpful. Just like your contributions to all things XBox.

I think you meant to say:

I don’t think there is an official name for it, but I have found:

Wang dui Wang

其移動範圍僅止於其所在的田字格內,一次僅能垂直或 平行移動一格線,且不能王見王,也就是將與帥之間沒 有任何棋子的阻擋

and Dui Jiang

而且也有一種非常特別的規定,那便是 「對將」,即是將與帥(雙方的將/帥)不能在沒有棋子相隔的情況下,在同一直線上 … uction.htm

another interesting page