Impressions of Sweden

Are you allowed to use cash still? Digital is a great convenience, but forced cashless is probably one of the bigger worries for a direction the country is going.

Iremember discussions a few years ago about Sweden going this way, but it seemed cash was still legal tender, just digital was becoming more commonly accepted. cash not being accepted seems like an insane negative.

Does not compute :thinking:

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Yes. They use Swedish krones.

Kinda makes sense you call a mountain range that 90% or whatever sits in Norway/Sweden, a Scandinavian mountain range. Anyway wiki and encyclopaedia will set the record straight on Scandinavia and what it constitutes.

My point was how Swedes themselves define it, which varies.

I do not agree with what you say they dress in Finland. I was there a few weeks ago, summer day time I saw lots of shorts and jeans and sun dresses for women, in the evening some shorts (depending on the place) but for most part clean nordic styles.

Lithuanian立陶宛共和 park. Not the Nordics but dress not big difference from Finland. Though people are more causal and friendly than up north(In Finland though also nice chats with coffee or evening drinks, with some set up help. My tip is have some drinks, people will talk more)

My “meeting wear” sometimes with jeans. Seems blue shirts are common, I will see in the fall if it changes when I am back there. (shirt is messy I know, photo was show off my drinks to mates in japan/Taiwan haha not the shirt)


Wife’s friend got pregnant there


Good! Made in Sweden (are they Taiwanese?)

They were loose when they bought them.


Bam! That’s a classic.


I gotta lot of distant relatives in Sweden who my sister discovered while doing genealogical research. We were going to take a trip there and meet them before the pandemic intervened. They all seem very nice and welcoming.

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She’s Indonesian he’s Swedish

You were Not expecting these shorts were you?

Swedish kinda sound like this to me

it’s the season for shorts, still warm

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This thread has motivated me to arrange a family vacation in Sweden next year to visit my distant relatives and see where my family has roots. Hiring the genealogist in Stockholm who did all the research for my sister to arrange the itinerary, make contacts, and take us around.


Thanks for posting those photos. But the weather for almost the whole year in Finland isn’t like that.

This is at Helsinki airport:

(Although this one technically doesn’t count because she’s an actual Mom, so wearing mom pants is expected).

This is on the bus ride from the airport to my hotel.

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@Steve4nLanguage I forgot to mention, Stockholm is electrifying all its buses, like what Taiwan is doing.

I recognize that this one is a Chinese company (unfortunately) but there are other ones that are not.


This requires its own thread.

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Glad i can help.