Impressive commercial on a great glance

This is a heartfelt short film displaying the nature of Ali Mountain as the mysterious episodes of aboriginal culture in Taiwan. The simple plots in a marvelous musical background depict the warm, beauiful, and all fuzzing moments for voyagers…

A nice one, though it’s just a computer commercial after all. :slight_smile:

Please turn ur speaker on.

The captions:

Travel, is another discovery in life;

You always can capture love at where you just make a turn ;

The world can be different when you change the angle.

Forgive my crappy translation and sappy emotion.

Wow! I really love that commercial - very beautiful and elegant. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.
By the way, how do you find commericals like that and do you just type the web address to post it here?

Dear lunaryear,

Glad you like it. I found this link in one of those forwarded mails from contact friends, mostly young students. There they share the popular, latest, or eccentric information with each others in this way. I don’t know where to find out those commercials , but I’ll keep an eye for you.

And I suppose, it could be easy, if you’re lucky to find out a link connected to a media file as this one on websites, just click your right button of mouse, then choose" copy the shortcut", there you’ll have already had an access to post/paste it here.