In Korea on a tourist visa - want to move to Taiwan

Hi please clarify an issue for me.

I have taught in Korea for 3 years.

Last year I was caught teaching ‘illegall’ privates - pretty common in Korea, but none the less…

So I have been in Korea on a tourist visa for the past 8 months; and I have been declined a work visa once again because of my ‘crimminality’.

I want to move to Taiwan; I have some key questions

  1. I cant proove my income obviously; can I apply for a 60 day visa?

  2. If so can a tourist apply for a tourist visa outside of Taiwan and their home country?

  3. I am a ‘crimminal’ Korea will I have to provide crimminal check from Korea (I’ve been here for the past 3 years) for either a tourist visa or a work visa? When I go to the Taiwanese embassy in Korea, Taiwan or any other country?

  4. Can I enter into Taiwan on a temporary landing visa - and then leave the country once I have a contract sorted? How long does this process take - from signing a contract, getting medical checks, getting a visa number, and getting your visa stamped in a third country.

Thank you - I’ve definately learnt my lessons - no more private lessons / dodgy work agents!!!

Doo shir

What nationality are you? Maybe you are able to enter Taiwan visa free for a certain period. You could do so and hunt for a job, then they can apply for a residency card on your behalf. You may have to do a run to Macau / HK to leave the country and come back in, but thats not too bad.
About the “tourist” visa, why not enquire at the Taiwan office there in Korea. Or ask at a local travel agent.

Thanks for the reply Tommy525

I’m a New Zealand citizen. I have entered Taiwan before on the 30 day “transit visa” which I understand is different to a 30/60 day “tourist visa”. I understand that this cannot be transferred to a legal work visa. I’m a bit worried if I continue to enter Taiwan on this “transit visa” while I am searching for work the people at immigration might become a bit suspicious. They are really relaxed in Korea, not sure what Taiwan’s immigration is like???

Shir shir