In-line Hockey!

Hi all! I’m Japanese and have been here for a little over a year now.
I’m desperately searching for an In-line hockey league to join AND an In-line hockey shop! I previously played for about 10 years and would love to get back into it! Looking forward to your replies!

Go here:
Monoclub on Aiguo Rd, across from CKS. MRT exit #5.
Aiguo East Rd, 20-1, 1F, Taipei. Tel: 2321 2065

You can get info on roller hockey there too. There’s a small tournament coming up May 16th.

Check out this Facebook group: … 1298520161

Lovely! Thanks for the quick replies! This address is… a hockey shop? I live in Danshuei… Will that be a long trip?

Yep, it’s a hockey shop. Get on the MRT in Danshuei, get off at CKS. That’ll take you… 45 mins?
They’re open 1:00-9:00.

Excellent! Thank you!