In Marley's honor

So, as I am watching Marley and me on cable while doggie is munching and I am having my humble cereal for dinner, the cats decide to stage a movie reenactment.

First, they start going up and down behind the dog, driving him nuts, and not letting him eat in peace-please note they have their own meal waiting for them.

I get up from my confortable sofa and set the plate aside to see what’s going on.

Then, suddenly, the tamest of them all, the one who has never ever played hooky, decides to jump on the sofa. I turn expecting to find him whiskers deep in my plate, but no, he does one better: somehow, he manages to jump ON the plate, tossing the contents -milk, cereal, banana- all over the sofa, TV, DVD, dog crate, carpet, doggie himself and me.

Amazing. No easy feat.

JAJAJAJa… Hilarious … dont let your pets watch TV lol… especially those movies… but make sure that they never see “pet’s cemetery”

Jah Mon…:smiley: