In need of dog crate for 50lb GSD - ISO Chip?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an aircraft certified crate for a 24" tall 32" long GSD that wouldn’t kill the bank. I have a large outdoor kennel that I would be willing to trade if it would help! I’m planning on taking my dog with me to the states so any help would be greatly appreciated as this process is kind of intimidating.

Edit: I was reading the forums and someone mentioned a 16 digit iso chip?! Is this necessary for taking the dog stateside?

We use the Ferplast Atlas 70, which you can find at most large pet supply stores here:

About NT$9,000 though.

Most vets now carry the new 15-digit microchip, but most airport quarantine inspection offices carry universal readers anyway. However, non-ISO will soon be defunct, no doubt, so go with the 15-digit one.