In The Eyes of a Child, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again

[quote]Our Global Children’s Art Gallery has collaborated with Dan Bloom, an American writer living in Taiwan. Dan

Seems like a pretty corny poem - “In the eyes of a child there is no looking back” etc.
This is more like one of those treacly sentimental gift books rather than children’s literature. I suppose I shouldn’t grumble if it’s for charity or something. Please tell me it’s for charity.

Ok, I have just been for a look around their site. It seems they are non-profit and have won awards for thier work, so I’ll just shut up.
…but it’s still a crap poem though.:smiling_imp:

I concur. How do you say saccharine in Chinese? Or cliche?

I just really like the children’s artwork. I wouldn’t know anything about writing poetry. I’m mostly fascinated with the connection between Jan and Dan and wondering how they hooked up. Does he have kids? Maybe he read her book, visited her site and pitched the idea to her? Are they relatives? Friends?

And yes, I do believe it’s for charity. It’s for a nonprofit organization called Natural Child Project,

Silly me, I guess I could just ask her. Anyway, I hope the parents who do visit Forumosa find something useful at the site.

I just found the book at Eslite on TUnhwa South Road. It’s a cute production, seems geared to teenagers and young adults. Seems geard to parents or art teachers.

A bit on the cliche side, true, but the kids’ drawings are very good. Looks like a UNICEF book for a world market.