In touch with the Taiwan FBI



I had the pleasure to share a few drinks with an inspector from the Taiwan FBI agency, the National Bureau of Investigation

Among other things, he focuses on fighting corruption, like bribery, extortion, influence peddling, graft and embezzlement. … We didn’t talk about environmental issues like pollution

I am serious. He welcomes any new well-documented case. I promised I would share this info. Si if you are the victim, the witness or aware of any case of corruption, and you can document it. I can forward it to him

Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


I once had a drink with a guy from the CIB. I have his card. There was about a hundred gangsters there. This was like 25 years ago though


I read here that there was a foreigner who liked to make up stories like that.


You youngsters can’t imagine what it was like in the old days here.

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They definitely still do that in some districts. They just happen to be at the same dinner at the same time. :slight_smile:


This stuff fascinates me. I’m sure that sort of thing still goes on, but it’s down to a much more manageable level. I’d love to know how that happened. If anybody has a good, high-level overview of how Taiwan managed to thrive in spite of (because of?) that sort of cosy arrangement, they ought to go do a presentation for the UN General Assembly, just in case anyone might want to replicate that result elsewhere. Oh, wait …


I remembering reading about that. Said something like he claimed to work for/with the FBI or something.


I have them on a daily basis.


I thought it was a guy who said he worked for interpol in taiwan…which is hilarious because Taiwan is not part of interpol and they have no jurisdiction here. Pretty sure they would be committing some serious crime operating here without consent.


But Taiwan has contacts with foreign police departments. They come here and Taiwan goes abroad.


Theres some good movies of how some of these gangs evolved from waishengren army camps.

Then the KMT used them for political suppression.

Later CSB largely pushed out obvious organization used crime and gambling to places like Taoyuan.

Now I reckon that local gang activity is on the wane mainly due to an aging population and fewer opportunities for easy money. They seem to have very large and prosperous international criminal networks though , in terms of drugs production , distribution and also telephone fraud ! The local judiciary basically ignore their overseas crimes $$$.


I had a few close encounters with some loan sharks gangs(ters) when I worked for a local company. Really useful for learning money habits and negotiation between gangs.