Inaccurate or misleading posts


Those trump forums are a nightmare, half the posts are either inaccurate or misleading, one quarter is arguments about the inaccurate or misleading posts and one quarter about “what about the clintons”

What is sorely needed is a way to flag inaccurate or misleading posts, after which the mods can remove them. What’s the point in allowing people ad infinitum post this nonsense ? It’s seems it’s the same posters most of the time as well, introduce a rule say 3 inaccurate or misleading posts(or news sources in a post) a week and your banned for a week or similar

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How to delete my account?

So, above would be the latest post in trump thread with a news article and it’s obviously inaccurate and misleading , why is this stuff allowed here and why dont the mods take action?


Nice to know where you stand on the topic of free speech. Gasp! Someone disagrees with the orthodox view…on the Internet! Bring in the censors! This is what they do in places like China and Iran.

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So dude, its not a question of disagreeing or agreeing. Its just that the post i used as an example is spreading what simplistically is called fake news.

I am all for free speech, but some of the posters on this forum seem to be quite young and might actually think the content is accurate. If you click the news source in the post i mentioned, you can immediately at second paragraph see its nonsense.

Now that Robert Mueller’s 674-day, $30 million investigation is over and has failed to find the original goal of its mandate—evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government to sway the 2016 election

So, the above is not accurate, or at the very least misleading. The mandate was to investigate russian interferance in the election and any matters that may arise from that investigation.

There is a difference between having one view or the other, and that I take not offence at. But, what is not cool is spreading disinformation


Yeah there is, flag the post.


That’s called “spin.” It’s hard to find articles on politics in any major media source that don’t have an element of spin to them. By this standard, links to just about any article wouldn’t be allowed. Are you saying that forum members aren’t intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions?

How to delete my account?

Heck the PC culture in the US is actually worse than China. In China if you’re talking about the CCP they don’t care even if they will disagree silently. You only get in trouble if you make political demonstrations of any kind (even pro CCP) without permission.

Whereas in the US a wrong un-PC comment can ruin your life.


Yes, PC culture is pretty bad, but at least there’s still freedom of the press…barely. I think you’re giving China a little too much credit though.


So dude, that’s not spin. With that logic I could claim a massacre had 100 victims when it in fact only had 50.

It’s pretty clear what the mandate was, and to claim otherwise is not spin but at the very least incompetence.

Now, had they said something to the effect that “for democrats the main goal was to find conspiracy between xyz” that would be spin


No, dude, it’s spin. If the mandate was “to investigate Russian interference in the election and any matters that may arise from that investigation,” clearly collusion with the Trump campaign would be included in said mandate. It may not have been the main goal, and it may have been. Only those directly involved in the matter would know for sure.


Freedom of the press in the US? Are you kidding me?

With Nearly ALL media outlets in the US owned by 5 insanely rich and powerful individuals, the media in the US is controlled as tightly as Xinhua news agency.

The difference is the US is in reality an Oligarchy.


So, the article I quoted didnt say the “collusion” was the main goal but the original goal which would easily give the casual reader the impression it was the only goal

Either way, its actually not called collusion but conspiracy. Collusion as far as I know is only mentioned in antritrust law. So, I suggest you stop saying collusion as its confusing.


That’s clearly hyperbole. Differing views can still be found in the U.S. media, you just have to look a little harder.


In any case, the article you linked to is probably no more biased or misleading that most articles on politics you’ll find in the media these days, mainstream or otherwise. If you have issues with points raised in articles, by all means bring them up. But calling for censorship of articles you take exception to is clearly not the answer.


So? That’s still freedom. Go write whatever you want or make whatever video you like and don’t sell out to the Oligarchy when you make it.
Sure it’s not perfect but the freedom to express one’s opinion is still a thing in the US.


of course there is no spin from CNN and MSNBc and co.:crazy_face: On the one hand people whine and make it about Trump , but when no criminal conspiracy is found , then they say , “Well it wasn’t about Trump” . After 2 years of being told that he is going down…he colluded … the walls are closing in. No alternative can possibly be entertained. You say it wasn’t about Trump and then contradict yourself by highlighting the Trump involvement?

Quoting you “Aug 2018 - The investigation is ongoing, so we don’t know yet if he’s “clean” or not. To date some of his associates have been found to be dirty to different degree, but we don’t know for sure yet what’s up with Donald.”

It’s up to readers to determine both sides, there is huge bias on both sides. Only history will show the truth …all we can do is present our point of view
and yes …from different sources…because sometimes they turn out to be factual.

or you suggest not being allowed to use sources from sources that have been consistently wrong …? Most pieces are Opinion …it is up to us to accept or not accept . A lot of that article may be correct …some won’t be…but it would be asinine to censor opinions , unless they are against Forumosa rules. Meanwhile I shall post my aphorisms…I also qualified that post…with “if any proves to be the case”

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Is there any Trump forum that ISN’T a nightmare? I have accounts on FB, Reddit, Raddle, Tildes, Saidit, Voat and this site, and any Trump-related FB group, subreddit, forum, subverse and thread is ALWAYS a nightmare.

I just avoid discussing that topic online altogether.