Incident at nuclear power plant


The first reactor at the No.2 nuclear power plant in New Taipei’s Wanli District developed a mechanical failure Tuesday, with the alarm on its process radiation monitor (PRM)-19 sounding for 13 minutes, according to the Atomic Energy Council (AEC).

But of course…

An analysis of air samples collected at five locations around the plant shows that the level of radioactive release remains normal in the compound

Is it a good idea to have Taiwanese operate nuclear power plants? If Japan can not do it safely, how could Taiwan?




Great, now I have a mental image of a Taike Homer eating oily biandang and la di sai-ing with his buddys all day stuck in my mind. You really know how to make me feel safe.






Although recently I’m pretty bored I’m not using Forumosa much these last days… and it seems that I’m not the only one. No comments on this news? not even the usual people who run in circles when it rains, or when it doesn’t, or when it’s hot or cold?

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Probably everybody tired of the threads on politics

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It’s summer. Everyone needs a vacation now and then, even especially from the Interwebs.



We need to seize the means of (eletric) production. (Eletric) power to the people!!1



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I am not a big fan of the current nuclear power technology that is used today. It can be made pretty safe, but the high cost lets them usually cut corners. And the problem of storing nuclear waste safely for a very long time is not resolved.



You got that right. 15-20 years ago over on the Taiwan Politics forum, anyone who dared to say they supported unification would get over 100 hostile replies within the next 24 hours. These days if you do the same, you’ll be lucky to get 2-3 and they may not even be hostile. The fervor has dramatically declined. Nobody’s holding the torch anymore.



Mind controlled?



Going back to nuclear issues: this is not the first time such incidents have happened here on the Island…nor are we getting the whole picture on whatever happened.

I agree that teh whole nuclear facility system suffers from unskilled workers, workers who have been trained on machinery that is obsolete, and inadquate maintenance for such obsolete machinery. yes, the so called enginners shouldn’t be working on dangerous stuff that can wipe the whole island to oblivion.

Before you say Auntie Peng is again panicking, in this case, not! Yes, nuclear energy responsibly managed might work, but the point is what we have here and now is not responsibly managed, is not transparently assigned responsibilities and being obsolete and inefficient and dangerous, should be turned off before something really awful happens. And there are many grades of awful that may happen. Given past history and current conditions, I vote NOPE NO, hell NO on current nuclear power. Those obsolete plants should have been decomissioned 20 years ago and the “new” one does fulfill international standards for anything but a dump, so why are we even considering it? Oh, yes, greed.

If cooler minds prevailed and the death trap of a stadium for the Universiade was not used, why can’t they find cost effective and safer alternatives to what we have now? Ah, becaus ethey postponed teh deciosns decades. Now you have to chase teh money to understand why the nuclear power is in the starte it is. Politics might be involved, but not between parties. More like cross strait secret permeability to blame.



Has someone or some institution compiled a list of serious nuclear incidents in Taiwan?



Though in Chinese, here?核能管制/電廠違規處罰案件/違規裁罰--3_23_107.html



Exactly. Now, if only Taiwan had some proper journalists. It’d be fairly easy to go through and scrape that and look for serve incidents and trends.



But are any of those severe incidents? most of them seem to be more like they didn’t do this or didn’t have that.



List of old severe incidents in Chinese





Hang on, I’ll put my best man on the job…

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Remember the issues of chabuduo, cost cutting and corruption? Here, several deaths already due to overlooking SOP radiation alerts because of “costs”. And more to come, as thsi is just the tip. If at this end of the production chain, where it is supposed to be the supercvision stage, we have this, what can be expected elsewhere?

In 2008, the company was fined NT$500,000 by the Atomic Energy Council for failing to provide detectors to employees and failing to monitor radiation levels in the workplace, she said.

“After fining the company, why did the council not do any follow-up inspections? That is something that is incomprehensible,” she said. “If it did follow up, why does it know so little about the situation?”

An examination of the council’s records showed that it has only taken action against four companies who breached radiation safety regulations, she said, adding that the last fine was meted out in 2012.

An analysis of data from all contractors at nuclear power plants that require employees to work around ionizing radiation showed that 79 of the companies, or nearly 70 percent, could not provide health check records for their employees, she said.