Income Tax Calculator for Taiwan

Hi friends,

I didn’t find anything online, so I’ve put together a tax calculator / simulator on how much you’d owe to the government. It’s available in this Google spreadsheet. Just change the yellow field , you can also copy the sheet.

Feedbacks welcome!


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There is nothing wrong with the calculations it does, but it doesn’t support standard deduction and other deductions so the resulting amount will be higher than your actual tax. In cases with a number of dependants, it will show much higher than actual tax due.


@lost_in_translation Let me add this. do you have a handy link explaining simply the calculation for those kind of deductions?

Here is the amounts of the deductions:


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I’ve added a new sheet to your Google sheet, to include standard and special deductions (at least, I added the principal deductions that might apply to me). I’ve tested it against the
calculator and it comes out within a dollar or two every time. Good on you for setting up this sheet in the first place!

I will have a look. You can get a lot of deductions for elderly parents , parents in law and dependents.

What do you need to prove your parents are dependents?

Depends on which country they are in…

My parents both have Taiwan citizenship, but they live mainly in US. They go back once a year to vote pretty much.

Then its very straight forward . They go back just to vote every year…Unlikely.

Do you have some more info on that? I could potentially find some elderly parents abroad if that reduces my tax load.

There was another thread on here about it before, search using Google Forumosa income tax parents…It’s fairly straightforward in Taiwan (they don’t even check any financial support I think ) and many countries. Canada required a little more work I recall. I submit proof of life documentation and a few bits and bobs.

I don’t pay a lot of tax in Taiwan due to my many dependents.

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I was told by the tax office you need to provide proof that they are your parents, wasn’t clear if copies of say a birth certificate and a passport would suffice but those documents were cited. Second step is to provide proof you send them money or support them in some way, some sort of bank records would suffice. Again, I guess just matching names?

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It’s tax season. I’ve added many improvements on the calculation of various deductions, and improved the calculation of the tax with the official formula provided by the tax bureau.

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Hi all,

I’ve improved the calculator to add all standard deductions and make it easier to understand.

However, I’d like to make it more complete by integrating the number of days one’s stay in Taiwan. I’ve read a lot about the tax is pro-rated if you stay between 183 days to 300 days in Taiwan. To illustrate on one’s staying 200 days in Taiwan:

With pro-rata :

  • Let’s say you make 1,000,000 TWD a year.
  • You stay 200 days ( 200/365 = 54%) = 540,000TWD
  • Then deductions are applied 540,000-408,000TWD = 132,000 TWD (if single)
  • –> NT $9,200 paid on tax

Without pro-rata:

  • Let’s say you make 1,000,000 TWD a year.
  • => will be counted to do your tax
  • Then deductions are applied 1,000,000-408,000TWD = 592 000TWD (if single)
  • -> NT$33,240 paid on tax

It’s a difference of 24,040 NTD :neutral_face: . Some people showed me their tax filling form that proved it to me. But it feels inconsistent since others told me they didn’t get that pro-rata calculation. I can’t find the official text about that. Anyone by any chance, can confirm/or not this with an official text if possible? so I could include this to the calculator ?


Wow, never knew about this. This is huge!

Well , I didn’t find much about it, so I’d take it with a grain of salt until I find the official text talking about it. Here some mentions of it in the forum:


It is about remuneration paid by their employers outside the R.O.C for services rendered in the R.O.C. during their stay (境內提供勞務境外雇主給付薪資).

[Q9: How do foreigners, who stay in the R.O.C. for more than 90 days in the taxable year, file their income tax returns for income derived from abroad employers for service rendered in the R.O.C.?]

外僑綜合所得稅法規及實務.pdf - 財政部北區國稅局
pdf file if the link works

在台居留天數 境內提供勞務自境外雇主取得之勞務報酬
( 含) 90 天 不需計入課稅
91-182 天 按實際居留日數比例計算,按就源扣繳率 18% 申報納稅
183-299 天 按實際居留日數比例計算,扣除免稅額及扣除額結算申報
300 天 以上 1. 以全年度計課,不扣除年中短暫出境日數
2. 首度來台者,可扣除來台前日數
3. 當年度離台,可扣除離台後日數