Income Tax

I plan to relocate to Taipei for work, convinced my company to let me work from my Taiwan office instead of NYC.

Had some questions on taxes. I’m currently just an US Citizen, but can get my Taiwan citizenship since I was born there and my parents have their citizenship.

Will it be better tax wise as Taiwan citizen or US citizen?
Anyone know the tax rates?
Will it be better for my company to continue to pay me in the US or better to have my salaried paid from my Taiwan office?

You will need to file in both places regardless of how you are paid. How much you would potentially pay to either is highly variable and depends on many things. I would consult a tax professional for guidance.

There’s a few threads on this…but everyone’s situation is different. If you retain your US citizen ship, squall1 is correct - you will still need to file in both countries.

The tax rates of Taiwan can be found on the web…it’s a progressive tax system where certain percentages of your salary is taxed at different amounts.

I can only give you my situation since I was also searching for answers 2 years ago before moving here. I worked for a corporation in the US and was transitioned to the Taiwan location to lead a department here. All ties with the US office were cut and I was rehired by the Taiwan branch. My salary/bonus/healthcare/etc is in full Taiwanese Dollars. (I am only a US citizen).

I pay both Taiwan tax and US tax. For Taiwan it is what it is based on their rates. For US you can use two exemptions depending on your salary range. The US allows expats to “leave off” about $103,000 USD from your tax filing. The left-over amount that you do claim can also utilize an exemption. So let’s say you make $200,000 USD per year in Taiwan. You will be required to report about $97,000 USD for federal. Since that $97K was also already taxed by Taiwan, you just have to pay taxes on the remainder of that amount to the US (which might not be anything depending on the US bracket you fall into).

All in all you just need to weigh out your situation since everyone will be different in terms of deductions, etc. Hope this helps!