Income Taxes from Private Classes

I have taken on some private classes to make some extra income until I leave Taiwan in July. I want to declare them before I leave. I have two questions.

  1. How do I declare for the time periods from January 1st until July 4th, which is my last day (I fly on July 7th)? Do I just need to take my pay slips into work?

  2. Do I just need to get receipts from my private classes and keep them until I declare? I bought a receipt book and just write the item (“English class”) and the total in dollars. Is that sufficient?

I did find an old thread from 2011 on this issue, but I am asking just in case the situation has changed.

Do you have an APRC or JFRV?

If not, did you have a work permit for these classes?

I have an APRC and an open work permit.

Ah. There is a form where you can fill out. They give them out at local town/district hall in their taxation department.

OK, thank you. So I should just take my pay slips and receipts?

I’ve never done freelance, I opened a company. But I write one of these out for my personal self. The best answer would be from them.

Thanks. I will head there next week.