Incompetent or laughingstock NHL players in early 1990s

I’m a Canadian doing some creative writing who last watched an NHL game in 1978. Who were some dumb or incompetent or ridiculous looser-type NHL players in the early 1990s that a 12-year-old kid in Swift Current or Goderich, Ontario would have laughed at mercilessly and held up to ridicule?

I’m thinking someone along the lines of Eddie Shack, but maybe without being such a fan favourite as he was. Anyone?

Gino Odjick and Dave Seminko (goons), Jyrki Lumme (allegedly a first-line defenceman)…

You can find player lists here.

Thanks, Jaboney. You know, on further thought I think I should use a Maple Laff from the era. I think it shouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable candidate, since Toronto hasn’t had any good teams since, well…1978!

You’re welcome.

If you’re looking for Laffs, you could do worse than Tie Domi (Tie Dummy, as my father, an inveterate Leafs fan, calls him). Popular guy though. Lot of forgettable players on those teams.

As a Flames fan, I’ll have to say Steve Smith :laughing: :