Incredibly exciting new word game :p Part II

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The original thread has been locked for its length, but can still be viewed here. For your perusal, I have included the original rules from irishstu and move the last three posts from the original thread to this one. Have fun, all.


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[quote=“In the original thread, irishstu”]OK, it’s not THAT exciting, but we’re missing out on a nice easy game thread at the moment, so here’s a new one.

Here’s all you have to do.

  1. Take the previous word.
  2. Write a new word (not words), using the last letter of the previous word as the first letter of the new one. The new word must have something in common with the previous word too.
  3. If two or more people post at the same time, ignore the second, third one, etc (unless the first one is nonsense) and carry on from there.

For example:
mouse > elephant (elephants are jokingly said to be afraid of mice)
Next word needs to start with “t” and have something in common with “elephant”.


*please quote the previous word with your word, and add an explanation if the link is not incredibly obvious.[/quote]

[color=blue]Apologies to Mucha Man for hijacking his post with my PSA.

rabbit - turtle (okay it was a hare and a tortoise but close enough, n’est pas?)

turtle > escargot (both slow)

escargot > tortoise (both shelled)


As above and in the bloody obvious category as such.


As above and in the bloody obvious category as such.[/quote]

egg > goose (as in goose egg… you know…)

goose - eat

eat > tofu (but not that goddamned stinky stuff)

tofu - unpalatable (to some: I love the stuff)

unpalatable > edible

edible > esculent (edible)


endive > escarole

Hold your horses, boys – it’s esculent!

Section 56B paragraph C of the Irsishtu rule book states:

Where posts are within 1 minute of each other the slower who would normally lose will be the winner.

endive > escarole[/quote]
escarole > escargot

esculent > taro

taro > organic

organic > chemical

chemical > Litmus

litmus > salicylic