Independence, dignity, and equality - What does this mean?

It is a common mantra among TI that this is the holy trinty that they seek in Cross Strait relationships.

Given USA treatment of Taiwan over the NUC and Japan treatment of Taiwan over the EEEZ; don’t these aspirations ring somewhat hollow especially when Taiwan’s allies don’t treat them in this regard?

Perhaps TI need to evolve with the changing nature of world politics gain greater appeal both locally and abroad.

true, but they wouldn’t and couldn’t even if their lives depended on it… which ironically they do… :s it’s easy to rile up some idealistic ABC’s or ultra liberal tree huggers to “support” the TI notion from afar, but the fact that they cannot muster anything but a feeble minority of ‘pie in the sky’,‘head in the sand’ dreamers here in Taiwan where it matters, speaks volumes…