India and Pakistan at it again


There are some conflicting reports (“We shot down their plane!” - “No you didn’t!” - “No, u!”), but things at least right now seem relatively heated. The whole area from New Delhi to Pakistan is basically a no fly zone now.


Idiots. I asked why to Indians and Pakistanis and they couldn’t even explain why they hated each other beyond pettiness.


And my pal is stuck in Europe while CAL figures a new route back to Taiwan…


Sounds like china is speaking sweet words into pakistans ears again.


Pakistan is officially an Islamic country.
India is officially a secular country, but majority are Hindu albeit with significant Muslim community.
Read about Partition of India 1947.

But, then again Pakistan and Bangladesh are both Islamic countries.
Yet they are not exactly have cordial relations.

Pakistan core value is tradition.
India and Bangladesh core value is equality. India and Bangladesh have rather cordial relations, India even help Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan in 1971.


Cnn’s editing is at K-Man’s levels.


What did the Simpson’s mean by this…


With the Simpson’s record of accurate historical predictions, I’d be worried about that last one.


They need to sort this out once and for all. Get it over with or get over it. They could just vaporize Kashmir, make it radioactive then problem solved. No one would want it.


Kashmir people like their land. It is a lovely place.

And if them India and Pakistan go at it, it will solve nothing and doom us all.


Never understood why countries can’t just get together, draw a line down the centre and there you go. Citizens of Kashmir can choose a side


I wish…but it rarely works out for everyone…
Sure there are more , may work if people are reasonable and logical.


That’s true. Too much pride in the way


Do you know who was the President of the USA in the episode from which that clip was taken?

The God Emperor…Season 11 ep 17.

Meh, I’ve watched enough Mad Max and Ken Shiro to be ready for a nuclear holocaust. I just wasn’t expecting the Simpsons to be the cause of it.


Actually, the problem started when someone draw a line…

Kashmir people want independence. They want their own ruling.


those far right nationalists…how dare they.


Not the cause but someone in the writers’ department must have a time machine.

Or as the meme goes, the Onion writers are quitting because nothing they can imagine can be as ludicrous as reality.