India or Vietnam/Cambodia?

I am taking a two week holiday at the beginning of July and am torn between going to Goa, India (and surrounding area, probably land in Mumbai) and Vietnam and Cambodia.

I want to see some interesting historical sites and experience a different culture. Sitting on a beach for a couple of days is also a neccesity.

I’ve been to India before but only up North In the dessert and mountains.

I really liked it there and would like to return and see the south cause i’ve heard it’s quite different.

Never been to Vietnam or Cambodia though. Would like to see Angkor.

Which place has nicer beaches?

Any advice from people who have been to any of these place would be appreciated.


Sth India in July will be hot and very, very wet. 900mm or so of rain in July.

The weather seems to vary quite a bit from place to place in Southern India from what I have read.

According to this site

It says that Goa only gets about 100mm avg. of rainfall in July. But Mumbai is 6 or 7 times that.

Southern Vietnam gets about 300mm in July.

I dunno which place will have better weather at the time.


Two weeks isn’t much time for India, or even a piece of it, in my opinion. (But what do I know?) That time scale sounds more appropriate for one country, with maybe a quicky visit to another. Maybe Vietnam, with a 3 day trip to Angkor? Could be a plan … but check the weather forecasts.

I agree

I was in India for 6 weeks several years ago and barely scratched the surface.

Goa is in the lead at the moment.

Hope the weather will be good.

I want to go see Hampi

Hampi is magical. Like another world.

I would spend the whole two weeks in Cambodia. If you are into ancient relics a whole week at siem Reap isn’t too long though some do complain about being templed out after three days! Phnom Penh is good for a few days, visit the Killing Fields at Choeng Ek and Tuol sleng concentration camp. Wander around the city and take in the ambience. Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s beach resort. Historic Battambang is also popular.

Might be a bit wet in July but hey it’s the tropics. It just buckets down for an hour or so, not like here!

WeiLong in Cambodia]