Indian Airline Accused Of Al Qaeda Link By Paranoid US Co

India’s Jet Airways, one of the sub-continents success stories, has been accused by a small Maryland airline called Jet Airlines Inc. of having al-Qaeda links and is seeking to stop Jet Airways from operating a service from Mumbai to Newark stating that Jet Airways is a security threat.

This is just typical, racist, xenophobic nonsense stemming from the hysterical climate in George Bush’s paranoid utopia.

Everyone knows that Americans can’t run airlines; many are in Chapter 11, service is dire, the hosties are geriatrics and they have dubious safety records. This is just a cheap attempt at protecting a small US company that know one has heard of, by appealing to the baser and more xenophobic side of the scaredy cat American psyche.

Jet Airways, according to CNN will take legal action against the crappo Yankee company for this slanderous stupidity. I hope they win.

Let the Indians fly!!!

I am happy to see that you agree Sheepshagger. The US is a utopia. hahaha Thanks for supporting the team.