Indian films

I am recently doing an assignment of Indian films…on Indian Literature in English. have to choose one or two films. can anyone suggest some Indian films? Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you narrow down your category
do you want a typical indian masala film or art kind of film

It’s an assignment of Indian Literature in English so basically need classic movies. can talk about the gender and race issues or how people in the film are related to each other or to the family, time, society…thanx :slight_smile:

Indian movie

For “classic” Indian movies - without song and dance - try and find something by Satyajit Ray.

you say your assignment is

“on Indian Literature in English”

Does this mean the movie should be in English, or based on an Indian novelist who writes in English?

If so, there is a movie based on Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey

yeah…the movie should at least have English subtitle then we can understand…singing and dancing are also fine.
thanks for your reponses

Ok , I am not sure if you want this but you can have a look at it.

i think Devdas should fit your discription.i remember seeing a copy of it in RT Mart long time ago.
its a remake of a old classic movie.

other wise if you want a Indian Box office hit movie you should look at this one or this one or this one .

However i must warn you that all of them will look to you as same stories with different people.

if you need more help let me know


how about the new Indian adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice…it’s called Bride and Prejudice…and it’s directed by the woman who did Bend It Like Beckham. It’s in English, complete with singing and dancing. It’s great actually! And stars Martin Henderson, totally goodlooking, and a former Miss Universe. Don’t think it can be beat!

For what you want I think Pater Panchali is perfect.

It’s a classic, beloved by film historians, and part of many a FILM 101 syllabus (that’s where I saw it :wink: ). It’s also a very good film.


Thanks for you all… :thanks:

one more question…where can I get the movies? (Pater Panchali, Bride and Prejudice, Devdas…) I’d like to watch them all before I make my decision…is there anywhere I can borrow them or?

Pater Panchali would be difficult to find .
for others you can talk to “jobi” at

Trinity Stores
2-F, No 137, Section 5
Zhongxiao (Zhongxiao) East Road,

i think there is a URL of this store somewhere here on forumosa.