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There is a big Indian Hindu Holiday coming up on Monday, Raksha Bandhan on August 30th, and I need some Indian food, namely some Indian sweets that are traditionally eaten on this day. Any good indian desserts would do.

I used to be able to find many places quite easily in Canada (Toronto), but several months in Taipei, I have been unable to find any Indian temples, grocery stores or eateries that would have this.

Any tips would be really really appreciated.


Wow, the intersection of the set of Taipei or Taiwan and the set of Indian sweets doesn’t turn up much on google. But there’s a little bit there.

My Chinese is almost nil, but as near as I can tell by using babelfish, this Taiwanese apparently bought barfi, and Indian pastry, here in Taiwan: … 220042437/

If you can’t buy it, the recipe for barfi is here: … barfi.html

There are other Indian (and Pakistani) recipes on the same website, but I don’t know enough about it to know whether there are any good desserts on this page: … exall.html

Someone named Monideepa Banerjee has done articles with photos about Indian life and culture for the Department of Information of the Taipei City Government. See, e.g., … sp?seqno=8
Maybe you could get in touch with this person through them.

Also, the Evergreen Healthy Vegan Association, in Taipei and Hsinchu, may have information about Indian foods / grocery shops. See the bottom of the page at

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn’t find anything more to the point. Maybe someone else will give you better info.

thanx, its more than i could find off google.

I am going to try visiting this yoga place i heard about, someone gave me their business card at a Mandarin learning school, is the yoga skule, I am hoping there maybe some Indians there that may know, perhaps an underground secret of Taipei LOL.

Sorry I didn’t reply in time, but you need this thread:
[Trinity Indian Foods Store and other ingredient sources