i m from india, and hope to meet more indians out here…
pls post the messages and if possible contact…
i think in foreign land we should all keep in touch…
hope to meet all of u soon
ph:2577 0153 extn 118

Please come to the game club on sunday.
may be you can help me polish my idea on making cards in devanagari.


Umesh, there’s a forum for Indians seeking Indians here.



And good luck to you all. Taiwan needs more diversity and color. I was always surprised that there were not more Indians (especially engineers) attracted to Taiwan- considering it’s ‘high tech’ opportunities.

But maybe that’s the problem… Taiwanese will only allow foreigners to work as ET’s or tech writers, not engineers, unless they’re brought over for big projects like the high-speed rail. There are few opportunities in high tech unless you’re a Taiwanoid.

I think there are bunch knocking around in Hsinchu

There are a number of post-doc’s at Chiao Tung and I have met a few researchers at ITRI from India.