Indie Documentary: Taipei Premiere

The premiere Taipei screening of the film “Voices From The South: Kaohsiung’s Independent Music Scene” takes place at The Wall on Saturday, January 3rd. This film, made by Canadian ex-pat Don Quan attempts to shed some light on the otherwise-overlooked Kaohsiung underground scene. Indie bands in Taiwan face many obstacles, but those from the south have it much harder than their northern peers.

The film features 5 of Kaohsiung’s best bands: KoOk (post-modern hard rock), Fire Ex (punk), Maho (punk/Taiwanese folk), Orange Doll (jangly guitar pop), and Shy Kick Apple (punk/ska). In addition to live performances from Spring Scream to Formoz Fest and everywhere in between, the film asks the bands what kind of difficulties they face a) being an indie band in Taiwan, and b) being from the south.

The screening (Chinese with English subtitles) is at 7 PM, and four bands (Fire Ex, KoOK, Shy Kick Apple, Orange Doll) will perform live afterwards. Tickets are $400 NT, include one drink, and for the first 50 people, a FREE DVD containing live ‘music-video’ footage of all five bands, and documentary outtakes.

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How did it go? I was keen to go, but ironically was in Kaohsiung for the last couple of days and got back too late tonight to head along. For those of us who missed the documentary viewing, is there somewhere else we can pick it up?

Hope the night went well and look forward to seeing more bands making the trip up to Taipei. Also, definitely post any future gigs on (link in my signature) so others know it’s coming.