Indigenous Independence vs Taiwan independence

Hi Forumosa friends,

Is it possible for the indigenous independence movement to work alongside the Taiwanese independence movement? for both Han Taiwanese and Indigenous Taiwanese to recognize their subjugation between US and Chinese powers? To aim not for ‘independence’ in the westphalian sense of national sovereignty, but in a way that recognizes ethnic and historical ties to the land.

How plausible is this today in Taiwan? How plausible is this today in the context of China’s territorial claims to Taiwan?

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You’re asking a bunch of foreigners…why?

What do you think?



It’s not. You’ll have to try another avenue of troll.

China’s claims to Taiwan? gtfooh :rofl: :noway:

Very good question

Lol, good one

Yeah, pretty much

It’s just a mind hack gone bad. Promote instersectional antagonism where it doesn’t exist, hope for chaos.

This really is weak:

Do they not work together? What’s the history? Is this a wild swing and a miss?
Imma go with the latter.

And this, just because this bothers me:

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Drive by posta.

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What is the “indigenous independence movement”? I know people who are involved in the indigenous civil rights movement, and the indigenous land claims movement, but I suspect the indigenous independence movement is half a dozen college kids who meet in their dorms on the weekends.

A mythical wedge issue?

Sounds like someone’s been reading a lot of books. Did you really just use the term “westphalian sense?”

My westphalian sense is tingling! Doc Oc must be up to his old tricks!