Indigestion / heartburn remedies?

I used to be able to get Rennies, Tums or Remegel back in the UK… or Pepcid … anyone know where I can get similar indigestion remedies here ( Taipei ) ?


You can get tablets here which do a similar job. Sorry, I don’t know the exact name of the ones I have and can only tell you that they are round, flat and green with a ‘W’ stamped in them. I’m sure there are various similar products. However, if you are getting acid indigestion symptoms regularly it might be better not to take symptom relief medication too often.

There is a lot of useful information on this page:

For mild but chronic Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease, doctors seem to recommend the use of H2 inhibitor drugs, which must be taken daily, not only when symptoms arise.

I chose to try a herbal remedy- deglycyrrhizinated licorice. Deglycyrrhizinated means they take something out of the licorice which is otherwise harmful if consumed regularly. I ordered these capsules containing it and some other herbs which are supposed to be helpful;
I believe, although I’m not sure, they are supposed to be taken daily, not only when symptoms arise.

Before I had recieved them, my symptoms reduced in frequency and severity of their own accord, so I can’t really tell you whether the licorice works or not because I never took it regularly.

Sometimes I find Tums at Watson’s. Sometimes not. When I find them, I buy them all.

“ning shi” you can get at the local drugstore does the job. unfortunately they don’t have brioschi :slight_smile:

Closest thing I have found to Rennies are Gelusil-I tablets. 健樂仙。

I use Tums when I need it. Seems to work fine. I buy it from the Shida pharmacy (on Shida Rd). I guess other places have it too.


Popcorn is very alkaline, and the best natural remedy for heartburn. Just leave out the salt.