Individual Classes at NCKU

Hi all,

I’m looking for information about taking one-on-one Mandarin courses at NCKU in Tainan. I’ve studied at ICLP before, but I’m looking to spend the year in Tainan. I have heard that NCKU’s courses are very easy, but that one-on-one courses can be better. Does anyone have experience with the one-on-one courses? Are the teachers open to adding more rigor to them?

I took both and found the group lessons to be very helpful, more than the one on one lessons. There are different levels of courses so I wouldn’t necessarily say they are all very easy. The classes are well taught and they have a good curriculum.

Thanks! What made the group lessons more helpful than the one on one lessons?

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Their curriculum is pretty well planned and laid out, when the teachers follow it its effective. The one on one lesson was good, no complaints, but it could get a little sidetracked. It might be a matter of personal preference. Either way you can’t go wrong with the program, they are very good.

I always recommend small classes. You could talk to others and learn from each other. This is really important when learning a language. Plus you get to do group works. Small classes are always better. I don’t know much about NCKUs classes thought. I recommend a size of 10 in the class. If it’s more than 20 then you’d probably want to get a tutor.

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