Indonesia Culture Exhibiton (Cultural Performance and Exhibition)


我們是台科大的印尼學生聯誼會,十分榮幸地展現出來”印尼文化節(ICE)2012 – 印尼群島的壯麗之美”, 主要目的是為了展現給台灣人與外籍人印尼的文化. ICE 是自2008每年舉行一次的活動. 每年ICE總是獲得廣大的迴響.去年,超過1000位來賓參與此項活動. 通過此郵件, 我們想邀請各位朋友們來跟我們一起踴躍ICE 2012.
ICE 2012有兩個大活動:展覽與工作坊及文化藝術表演. 本活動將在國立台灣科技大學(NTUST)舉行.

展覽日期/時間: 2012年3月5-6日/10.00 – 17.00
地點: 國際大樓 – 1樓
日期/時間: 2012年3月7日/ 17.30 – 21.15
地點: 綜合研究大樓 – 105室

在展覽藝工作坊, 我們會展現關於印尼的文化, 例如: 蠟染,印尼粽, 風箏,安格隆, 及傳統遊戲. 我們在文化藝術表演會展現”加札馬達統一群島之旅”戲劇,合唱團,舞蹈,安格隆表演,還有其他的特別表演.詳細信息請至:!/IndonesianCE

ICE是免費入場的喔! 也有免費小吃!
還有朋友們也有機會抽中特獎,贏得一張台北一雅加達 一 巴厘島的來回機票或者兩張台北 一 雅加達來回機票.

我們非常期待朋友們的參與. 感謝朋友們的關注!
如有關於活動的問題, 請聯絡:
Suci Utomo (莊雲心)
Revina Kiran (鍾惠珍)


Dear Friends,

We, NTUST – Indonesian Student Association is greatly honored to present “Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) 2012 - The Magnificent Beauty of Indonesia Archipelago". The purpose of this event is to show Indonesian culture to Taiwanese people and foreigners. This event had been held annually since 2008 and receives great responses every year. Last year more than 1000 visitors attended the event. Through this email, we would like to invite you to join with us in ICE 2012.

In general, ICE 2012 has 2 big events which are Exhibition & Workshop and Culture Art Performance. This event will be held in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/ 國立台灣科技大學. The details are as follow (map is attached):
Exhibition and Workshop:
Date/Time: March 5th-6th, 2012/ 10.00 – 17.00
Place: International Building 1st floor
Culture Art Performance:
Date/Time: March 7th, 2012/ 17.30 – 21.15
Place: Auditorium RB 105

In exhibition and workshop event, we will show the things related to Indonesian culture, such as: batik, ketupat, kites, angklung, and traditional games.
For culture art performance event, there will be a drama about the journey of Gadjah Mada to unify the archipelago, choir, dances, angklung performance, and many more.

It’s free entry! And there’s also free snack provided!
You also have the opportunity to win our great door prize of 1 round airplane ticket for Taipei – Jakarta – Bali & 2 round airplane tickets for Taipei – Jakarta.

We are very much looking forward to see you there. Thank you for your kind attention!
For further information, please visit:!/IndonesianCE

Any questions, please contact:
Suci Utomo (莊雲心)
Revina Kiran (鍾惠珍)

Best Regards,
Publication Division
Indonesian Culture Exhibition 2012

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Cool. Thanks for sharing this ahead of the event. We usually hear about such things only in review. :laughing:

Thanks a lot, me and my friends are on of the committee.

We would feel really pleased if you could come,
of course we will be happier if you can ask your friends to come too

And we also have a Doorprize, 1 plane ticket to visit Bali, and 2 ticket to visit Jakarta


Cool. I’ll try to find time on Tuesday. :thumbsup:

Sounds fun. Count me in! :slight_smile: