Indonesia- not exactly paradise

We think tropical islands, an idyllic lifestyle, palm trees, a good standard of living at a reasonable cost.

But the reality of Indonesia is not exactly so, far from it. Deep problems persists.

Its a nation with REAL problems. Sectarian violence, ethnic violence. So many just etching out a bare existence .

There are advances but is progress coming fast enough for the majority of its peoples? Or will violence rear its head again.

Is it even a place that anyone other then an Indonesian could really want to call home? I’m thinking , outside of maybe Bali , the answer will be NO. … ults_video … E15C48A476

And many poor indonesians (some 300 plus thousand) escape from poverty at home to a hell of indentured servitude in Malaysia. Some are raped, abused and tortured. They are not allowed even a day off.

Malaysia a paragon of virtue as a nation? Sadly NOT.

Indonesia is an unmitigated shithole. Malaysia likewise. The only thing that keeps them barely afloat is flogging off their own and other people’s natural capital (forests, minerals etc., mostly from Borneo) wholesale to China. When that’s gone, there’s going to be hell to pay. The crying shame is that it doesn’t have to be like that. Indonesia has every possible natural advantage you can think of. The usual story - petty squabbling, deeply-entrenched corruption, kleptocratic government, and a misguided vision of what ‘development’ means - keeps the country definitively third-world.

“We”? :ohreally:

“We”? :ohreally:[/quote]

well… “me”

“We”? :ohreally:[/quote]

well… “me”[/quote]
Sorry, I know you’re getting married to someone from there. I hear it is a place of great potential beauty, but is rather badly damaged because of exploitation by corrupt politically-connected thugs. The Economist had an article a year or two ago stating that 20% of the population lives on US$2 per day, and there are frequent articles about natural resources destruction, religious and ethnic conflicts, and serious pollution problems.

Yeah, iv not much romanticism left of Indonesia im afraid.

The reality is that Indonesia is a nightmare, not a dream. Even if you have a vision, it will likely remain a fantasy.