Indonesia visa

Just read that Indonesia doesn’t grant visa-free entry to anyone anymore. So if I ever want to jump on a flight to Bali, where am I going to have to go first? Where in Taipei is the embassy (or “cultural excange office” or whatever it’s called) for Indonesia?

I’m an American citizen. Would I be able to just fill out a form, pay a fee, and then pick it up, or would they need some more compelling reason to give me a tourist visa to Indonesia? Could I just pass through Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur and grab a tourist visa on the way down?

That country is not doing so hot these days, especially after the bomb in Bali and America picking fights with a couple Muslim-majority countries. I can’t imagine why they’d want to make it harder tourists at this point. What else does that country have going for it?

The new regulations aren’t supposed to come into effect for another 4-6 months. For more info, check the discussions at:

And for what it’s worth…Indonesian President Megawati is a complete idiot.