Indonesian 737 missing after take-off

Nose dived into the ocean and exploded.

BBC News - Indonesia Sriwijaya Air passenger plane missing after take-off


The aircraft is not a 737 Max, the Boeing model that was grounded from March 2019 until last December following two deadly crashes.

So not a manufacturing defect issue I guess.

Indonesia’s aviation industry is scary. It’s a shame because it’s really a remarkably beautiful country well worth exploring.


No survivors.

I’m really shocked Boeing doesn’t change the name of the 737 max to something else.

737 lax


It’s a 26 year old 737 maybe one of the ones they got from Lufthansa

Wifey been on them with sirijaya

Sad event

Very unusual 30000 foot per minute nose dive 10000 feet into the sea apparently

Some say perhaps ran into a CB and lost control
Nobody knows yet

malaysian flight 370 v2

In Indonesia you’re much safer in the air than on the ground. But I agree most parts of Indonesia is worth exploring.

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What does this mean?


Cumulonimbus cloud


Yeah basically CB are the hazards in the skies that pilots avoid
It’s the in air equivalent of a car running into a telephone pole

Those show red on the storm scope and In daylight you can see they have anvil shapes on top which can be over 50000 feet high or higher. At night you have to depend on your storm scope, as you can’t see them.

I remember being shown those in daylight on the scope and off to our right and left in the distance at 30000 feet in the cockpit of a Garuda A300 B4 FFCC flying Jakarta to Surabaya

Indonesia has fearsome thunderstorms !!

Back in the day


I think it’s more like, “In Indonesia, you’re not safe in the air and even less safe on the ground or in the water.”


Hmmm what makes Indonesia unsafe at ground/sea level?

Drug laws, scooters, bad food, cheap alcohol and crazy ladies. That’s just my personal experience.


Wow, that’s interesting and a bit different from what I was expecting.

For example…

Drug laws? in which way is that a danger?

Bad food? as in food poisoning?

Crazy ladies?

lol, yeah i would say drug laws are not on my top list of concerns, but crazy ladies? Yeah them be a danger (anywhere)…same goes with food poisoning.

Rail is pretty good, though only on Java

That very old aeroplane. Now even some new A380 are being retired (ala Air France)

That’s because A380s are massive planes that guzzle fuel. It’s really a different story from any Boeing 737.


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