Indonesian food in Greater Kaohsiung

I went here, new place was good here in South. Any other good recommendations in Kaohsuing? Also near Tao-Yuan railroad station, I saw many there too that taste good as I will visit a friend there?

Good food, they can speak some Chinese and English it seems.


Chen Lili Indonesian food
07 521 3138

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I always went behind the main train station. The last few years have been real…not great. Havent been for over a year due to said dissapointment, just ended up at subway down the road ought to go back now, will check out your recomendation this time :slight_smile:

Is that in front side? I did not see many on the back unless some street or laneway I do not know of?

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Ya sorry youre right. The front. It was under construction so long i started using.he back forgetting it want the front haha.

Yes, the front, diwn the smaller steets. I hope they can.stay open with the almost surely jack up in.rental prices to come!

You think rents will go up? Still lots of restaurant space open to rent and lot of new buildings too, seems over supply

Yes, i do. much of kaohsiung over this decade has transformed and landlord fuckery had caused a lot of transformation, even ghosting certain blocks! The only reason that area with all the SE Asian places hasnt been jacked yet is because the ccp virus and all the havoc the public/government panic has caused. Unless they own the buildings, i doubt any of them are there in 5 years :frowning: i sincerely hope i am wrong…but looking at kaohsiungs development schemes, i doubt i am.