Indonesian Restaurants (GTA)

Any suggestions on some yummy, authentic Indonesian food in Taipei? I read some old posts that suggested some places around Taipei Main Station, but all I have noticed are some Indo/Filipino stores. I also walked somewhere around ZhongShan Rd, but all I found were Filipino places.
BTW, I already know about the place near ZhongShan GuoZhong station.
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There’s one that I used to like very close to Carnegie’s but I haven’t been for ages. Maybe Tpebob will know the exact address.

if you come out of exit 7 of Taipei main station and take the first left (between a 7-11 and an Chinese writing brush shop) at the end of that road there is a street where lots of indonesians have lunch. Or going up Zhongshan and taking the first left will take you there

Sunday lunch is the best time i found, the food is fresh and cheap.

The one near Carnegies is called Sate House I think? It’s on Le Li Rd… intersecting with some other road forgot :frowning: I think if u did a search, u’ll find it in an old post.

Also theres one on Fushing N rd, past Amigos, I think it’s a little before u hit Ming Chuan Rd (coming from Nanjing rd direction). Its next to some Italian join Bellissimos or something?

There used to be a great one inside Taipei main station, but all the restaurants closed for some reason… been trying to find out if they moved somewhere but no luck. That one was truly authentic Indo food

The ones inside taipei main station have been moved to this small and “seedy” alley my bf called “little Jakarta” behind Cosmos hotel. If you take exit 3 from Taipei main station and turn right following the street, you’ll see another alley on your right, usually with lotsa taxis parked. Just keep walking and soon you will see ‘little jakarta’.

The restaurants are busiest on sundays when the maids and workers come out and play. They’re open during weekdays as well, but close really early.

If you like indonesian ciggies/instant noodles, you can find them there too.

Gaahh, i love indo food!


With "237,610 Indonesians working in Taiwan " there must be some good Indonesian (and Malaysian) in Taiwan. Where are the good restaurants.?

I’d like to know, too. I’ve eaten Indonesian food once many years ago, and it was very good.

Pretty sure most of those 237,610 Indonesian folks don’t have the readies to be doing much dining out. Even if they do, it’s most likely being sent home.
And unlike Thai and Viet cusine, Indo/Malay chow doesn’t seem to be a thing with locals.
Not meaning to butter DB’s toast here, but you’re probably better off visiting the local Indo/Thai/Viet store for gear and making your own.
That’s what we do at my house, anyways.

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The only Malay-ish restaurant I’ve been to recently is PappaRich, in one of the Xiniyi Mitsukoshi buildings. It’s alright, but I haven’t been in Malaysia or Indonesia for ages, so at this point I’m just happy to have a version, any version, of stuff that I recall once enjoying. Unlike other Indo-Malay places I’ve been to in Taipei, it’s also a nice restaurant, so you can sit with a drink for a while. It’s priced typically for department store restaurants.

There was a Malay place called White Coffee out Tianmu way. 台北市中山北路六段740號1樓. I haven’t been there in four years so no idea if it’s still there.

I vaguely recall hearing good things about Nyonya Kitchen (妞呀小廚), 台北市南京東路3段256巷20弄2號 - again, I don’t know if it’s still there.

There’s another place called Malaysian Gourmet Cuisine (馬來風光特色餐廳). I haven’t been there yet. I thought someone here recommended it, but search isn’t helping out with that.

Look around under Taipei Main Station. There are one or two Indonesian shops - there may also be restaurants.

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Please note that the Indonesian restaurant near Taipei Main Station is very expensive. Really, 300-400 a plate.

One of the underground malls in Taipei Main Station has an Indonesian section around Y28. Lots of small Indonesian places. Never eaten there though.

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I went to a few indonesian street food restaurants here and the food was as bad as in Indonesia. Awful really. Some taiwanese students saw me once and they walked in and later I heard them complain.

I used to eat at an Indonesian restaurant back home and their cuisine wasn’t Indonesian at all. They had assorted panaasian food and chefs were Tibetan and Chinese. I asked the owner whyband he said that locals don’t want to eat Indonesian food at all.

Um… or it could be that you just don’t like Indonesian food. Which is fine, but other people do like it.

How can I possibly like it if it’s so terribly made?

It is possible that I haven’t come across any good and well prepared Indonesian food. But they just didn’t give me may chance. And I didn’t go to Bali which probably has a lot of fake Indonesian food.

Not all Indonesian food is created equal. Javanese food is too heavy on the sweet peanut sauce for me, Balinese food is pretty sketchy, but Nasi Padang from Sumatra is quite tasty. I’ve tried as many Indonesian restaurants as I’ve run across over the years in Taipei, and there isn’t a single one I’d recommend, unfortunately. That PappaRich place is lame lame lame. I’d kill for a good rendang daging sapi, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s been several years ago when I ate at an Indonesion place near Taipei Main station. I can’t remember it to save my life especially since Taipei station has so many exits. I do remember that the meat was BBQ’d and their were a lot of fresh veggies. It reminded me of Vietnamese food that I’ve had in the US. I think it was not expensive.
If anyone can recommend a place, that would be great. I’ll have to check around Y28. I just go by where the lines are. If they have customers, there is a reason.

PappaRich, I’m also just happy to have a version, any version, of stuff that I recall once enjoying.

White Coffee is still in Tianmu but basically just slightly repackaged Taiwan food.

Nyonya Kitchen I still need to try.

Malaysian Gourmet Cuisine tried it and had a couple reasonably Malay dishes but mostly Taiwan style and just a simple shop but seems Malays do go there.

Under Taipei Main Station maybe good for v the domestic workers but I prefer slightly better.

Bali has loads of amazing Indonesian food. If you don’t like it, it’s not worth explaining that at length in a thread like this really.

Yeah there were simple buffet places in the end of the Taipei City Mall last time I looked. I was never tempted personally.

There was one at 2 Jinmen Street, near Roosevelt, called Borneo, within last year or two. Simple meat and rice dishes mostly. If it’s still there, I have to go back. Pretty good.

White Coffee is still in Tienmu and still good, Malaysian coffee shop style stuff. Nice laksa.

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We’ve only traveled to java and sulawesi and on both islands the food was gross. Even in some more upscale places. Probably some of the worst food in sea, beaten only by Filipino food.

But ill try some indo places in Taipei then. Just to see if it’s always bad.

I just remembered this one called Satay House not far from Far Eastern Hotel off Anhe Lu. It definitely has the Indo Malay flavours and spices and condiments. I recommend it

No. 15號, Leli Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

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