Indoor Basketball in Taipei

Hey all, does anyone know of any indoor pick-up or league basketball in Taipei?

I’ve been looking for an in-door court but haven’t found anything. Started going to a university with lots of out-door courts (zhongxing, in Taichung, though), and getting in on pick-up games has been pretty easy, although the quality of play is poor: shoot-as-soon-as-you-get-the-ball style, with few exceptions…

Hey - Just moved to Taipei… looking for some guys to play some bball with. Any recommendations? Or any people enjoy the game???

Hi guys, so I have been in taipei for the last 3 weeks and I have been dying to find any indoor basketball courts but alas nothing has come up that is affordable for a single person. In my research I have found that most sports centers in the Taipei area are booked from 6pm-close every single day with the average going rate being 1500nt per hour (for the court not individually and before 6pm) and 2000nt per hour (after 6pm and weekends). I know of the existence of ABC/expat leagues that offer higher levels of competition and supposedly allow walk-ins but have yet to get in contact with any. If anybody has had any success finding something let me know.

Good luck. Let us know if you find anything.

Randomly checked Forumosa today,
Indoor courts are very tough to find, there are a few groups of foreigners who rent gyms on the regular.
The best option for rain proof courts are to go to the Xinsheng computer market, but the competition level can be and can be packed if it is a rainy day, so show up with a team of 3. There is another court in a temple in Xindian, but directions are hard to give to get there! it is just across the walking bridge over the river form the MRT. Some people go to the American school, but I think it is basically an invite only thing.
The best places to play IMO are Daan park because it has lights all night (great for teachers), Shida and Taida, which are good on weekends and both have lights until about 10 or 1030 everyday except for Sunday, when there are no lights. Different areas have different courts but those usually have people and often have foreigners as well.
There are some good leagues here, I’ve played in the APAL and SBBL leagues, ok for foreigners but my team is usually the only one with foreigners, usually welcoming though (except the refs, who have told us “you are bigger, no foul calls”) our team has 10 guys now so not really needing new players but if anyone wants to meet up for a Saturday/Sunday run this summer just message me and we can try to get together for a run at Taida or Shida someday.

Nobody has posted on this thread for a while, but I thought I’d see if there were people looking to rent one of these indoor gyms. There is a gym near my house, the public kind, good gym, basically at Ren Ai Road and Xinyi roads, that rents the space for $1500/hour, not bad if there are ten people or even eight people…anybody interested in trying to get this together for something fairly regular?
Let me know…

hey scj, just landed in Taipei couple days ago and really need to ball. I was balling at least 2-3 times a week in the states, but being new here, it is quite difficult to just find pick up games. I’m willing to pitch in on gym fees to get some games going. Anyone else who wants to play, just shoot me an e-mail and we’ll set something up.

I have been looking all over the place for indoor courts (the concrete is getting to my ankles.) It seems you have to rent a court out from a university and it’s not cheap. The other problem is that you’ll need to get enough people together opposed to just finding pick up games.

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Thanks for the info. I guess playing indoors without a full 10 man scrimmage team is difficult. Do you know which MRT lines I need to get off of to reach the University courts or Da’an park courts? Also, how long of a walk?

hey, i would like to play, hit me up if u set sth up

Like I said I know where there is an indoor court for rent at this gym, but so far I’ve only got four people at the most who have written…that’s simply not enough for a good game, let alone worth the money, although that’s not the issue…I can’t believe there aren’t more people out there wanting to play indoors who can afford $150/200 NT an hour to play! Hit me up if you are interested and I’ll keep trying to set this up…for those who have responded I’ll let you know if I get enough people.

I would join in, but I’m in Taichung…

Hi! We are playing indoor basketball every Saturday night, 8-10 PM, at 長安國小, Chang’an Elementary school

There’re American, Japanese, Australian, Canadian and Taiwanese in the group. If you’re interested, please email me: or txt me 0935400088 or WhatsApp.

You can pay 100 to 200 NT$ for playing one time (2 hours). We need some extra players in summer.

And I also play indoor every Monday night, 6:30 to 8:30, all Taiwanese players, at Zhongzheng Junior High School, which’s close to Shi-Da.

Since we are short of players on Monday night, everyone is welcome to join us for free.

Google Maps link: … da98cba64b

You can check out the school’s site in English:

Hi, I’ll be in taiwan for two weeks starting 8/19/12. I would love to play some pickup basketball while i’m there. I’ll be happy to chip in to rent a court anytime. If anyone has anything organized and are short on players, drop me an email

How’s the level of play out there btw? Just want to make sure I can keep up since i’m in my 30’s but still in ok shape at least. :slight_smile:

If anyone know of indoor games happening in Taichung, please let me know! :slight_smile:

anyone still playing on saturdays and fridays? mondays?


I’m still looking for people in Taichung. I’m thinking about getting some people for various exercises (fitness, shooting, plays, ext.) and then scrimmaging afterwords. I did this today outside with a few friends but doing so in a proper gym out of the sun would be a lot better…


Are you still looking for people to play bball? I just arrived in Taipei not too long ago and I’m looking for a place to play indoors.


Count me in! I live in Xinyi near Daan district. Where is the nearest indoor bball court? Would love to set up a game weekly or a few times a week.