Indoor Basketball in Taipei

my friends and i have been renting the gym at a local high school near Sogo (Zhongxiao-Fuxing) in Taipei for the past few years playing 5-on-5 full court. we play every sunday night from 8-10 pm. we rent the gym for 3-months (jan-mar, apr-jun, jul-sep, oct-dec) at a time. however, the school gym is closed for renovations this past season (jul-sep) and the next one (oct-dec) so we’ve been renting the gym at the Neihu Sports Center (it’s close to Ganggian MRT station) for now. we should be back at the high school near Sogo for the season after (jan-mar) and on.

anyway, we’re just starting the new season (oct-dec) at the Neihu Sports Center; so if anyone is interested in joining for the season please send me a PM and we can discuss details like pricing or any questions you may have. if you don’t want to pay for the whole season and can only play once in a while, drop-in’s are welcome as well. for your reference, here’s a photo of the court at the Neihu Sports Center.

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I’m definitely interested in playing. Did you guys rent the gym at Huai Sheng Middle School? I used to play there from 4~6 on Sundays. I went by this past Sunday and they are still doing renovations. I’ve been itching to get back to playing full court. How many people usually show up at your current gym? What’s the fee for drop in’s? If possible, shoot me an email:


Hey scj,

I’m down for chipping in for a rented gym. Let me know details. It’s impossible to get some good balling here in taipei! (indoor that is)
shoot me an email:

Hi, I just arrived to Taipei last week and am eager to play basketball with you all. I will be here for a year or 2 for work so whenever you want to play indoor or outdoor I would be interested. Let me know if you got these games going as I won’t have a problem chipping in for gym fees. Thanks-

Is anyone interested in playing tonight? I’m organizing a run on a nice outdoor court. Ideally I would like to get a full court game going if we have enough people, otherwise it will be half court.

Hi! We are playing indoor basketball every Saturday night, 8-10 PM, at 長安國小, Chang’an Elementary school

There’re American, Japanese, Australian, Canadian and Taiwanese in the group. If you’re interested, please email me: or txt me 0935400088 or WhatsApp.

We need more people to play as a regular, which is around 1000 to 1500 per person for three months. The stadium is relatively new and the location is great, almost in the center of Taipei city, close to MRT station.

Please check out the Facebook page.

ABC here.

I landed last night and I just wanted to bump this thread. I already spoke to cybertai and I tried to get in contact with Dre through PMs (no response :frowning:) Anyways, I play 3-4 times a week in the states (mostly indoor) and I want to keep the activity level up! I will be in Taiwan until the middle of August and I am more then willing to chip in for rental fees. Any information is much appreciated. You can reach me through PM’s or you can email me at

Hi, Justchase, feel free to join us, we desperately need more players for the next quarter starting in July. And we are always happy to have new skilled players. look forward to playing with you.

Hello, we are still looking for new players, Saturday night, 8 to 10 PM, ChangAn Elementary school.

Feel free to contact me through Line (my username is taicharlie on Line), or text me at 0935400088.

Hoops on!


Hi Charlie,

Do you guys still play? And do you play 5on5? I’ve played with you before back when you were still playing at Zhongzheng Jr. HS near Guting MRT. But you played every Monday when so I wasn’t able to play regularly due to my work schedule. Since you are now playing every Saturday night, I guess I can play regularly with you.

Zup y’all, since its been a while since the last reply on this thread, ill just start it all over again, i’d been here for a month and looking for a good indoor 5 on 5 ball game in taipei area, im happy to chip in for the rent fee, so hit me up guys. cheers !!

Reviving an old thread, if anybody is interested in playing some basketball on the weekends in Taipei, let me know! I’ve been looking for somewhere to play indoors, especially with all the rain lately.

I am Charlie Tai, me and my buddies are renting a gym close to MRT station “Da-An” in Taipei, 9:30AM ~ 12:30PM, Saturday.

The gym is in the HSNU, High School of Normal University.

Feel free to contact me through or LINE/Whatsapp 0935400088.

Hoop on!

^ wait do you guys play at any other time?

Only Saturday morning for now.

Is this still going on? I’d be keen to play some indoor basketball!

Still playing?

Hey guys,

It looks like this thread is dead but I’ll give it a shot anyway. I’m currently living in Taichung and desperately seeking a decent basketball game. So far no luck. I know that most people will be playing in Taipei and I’m willing to take an HSR out to Taipei every weekend if it means i can actually play ball. Does anyone know of any leagues or organized pick up games going on in Taipei or Taichung? If someone does please let me know. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good run. You can contact me at 0965384299.


I recently moved to TPE, and I miss playing indoor basketball. Seems all I can find here is outdoor. I’m 26, and I’m really itching to play some indoor ball. I am located in Neihu, but i’m more than willing to meet elsewhere. If there’s anyone that needs an extra guy in their league or wants to play some basketball, please PM me. I play point btw !