Indoor Swimming Pools

can anybody recommend a nice indoor swimming pool that is suitable for kids in or close to Tienmu?

May I suggest you familiarise yourself with the search function?

Hey Juba, be nice … :wink: SAMC is looking for a pool in Tianmu, as far as I can see nothing in that area has been suggested in the threads you have so kindly posted … one close to Shihlin station though …

As far as I know, there are a lot of appartment houses in Tianmu that have in-door pools, I’d suggest you make friends with some people that live in one of these luxurious abodes and you problem is solved … :slight_smile:

Well, Juba could have been softer-but in a quick flick throuh the first link he provided there was a reference to Hollywood Fitness-which has a heated outdoor pool and an outdoor spa.

I have to say that I’m not aware of any public indoor pools in the Tienmu area besides the one across the street from the Shihlin MRT.

EDIT: AS I SAID, there is an indoor swimming pool perfect for kids just beside the Shihlin MRT-20 metres away, in fact. This is Chungshan Rd s5-s6 area, close to Tienmu-no need to be get unhappy since we just want to help. :laughing:

Juba , and may I suggest, you read threats a little bit more carefully and perhaps just do not answer if you feel too bothered…?
I could not find anything on Forumosa that is in our area (actually I am aware of the search function, thanks!), that’s why I asked! And I really do not think that a fitness club pool is suitable for kids! I am a member of the Hollywood Fitness Club here in Tianmu (It’s actually called California Fitness Club now) and I do not think that the other members would be too thrilled to have a bunch of little ones jumping around in that tiny pool while they try to swim seriously!
So, if anybody knows a nice public indoor swimming pool that is suitable for kids and not too far away from Tianmu please let me know! If you do not know any place or if you simply feel the question is not interesting for you or does bother you in any way, please DO NOT ANSWER!!!
(A pissed) SAMC :raspberry:

SAMC, I think you’re on our playgroup mailing list and saw this info come through earlier tonight. If not, there is a public pool at Chungshan Sports Center (they
have an indoor swimming pool with a nice spa area and kiddie pool), at Lane 42, Chungshan North Rd, in the North East corner, about 3 lanes behind Idee dept. store. From Tienmu you can probably hop onto the 220 all the way down, or take the MRT if you’re close to it. I think the closest stop would be the Chung Shan stop (red line) but maybe someone can confirm that for you here.

yes, braxtonhicks, that place is on the thread Juba pointed out. However, that’s section 1 CHungshan N Road, in the middle of Taipei, not near Tienmu at all (30 minutes in the bus).

The place I mentioned above is beside Shilin MRT (5 minutes on 220 bus from the TAS) and great fun for young and old…still, if anyone has another suggestion in Tienmu, that would be interesting.

The My Island pool that has been mentioned at Shihlin MRT is quite nice, and has a pool for the little kiddies, and a medium sized pool for the bigger ones. Also has a larger pool and quite a selection of jacuzzi type pools (no kiddies allowed in that area though).

It is good for a morning or afternoon, but it does cost NT$500 a pop (adults - can’t remember how much for the kids though but also not cheap) so if you are taking the family it does get a bit prohibitive.

You may want to try what was the old Tienmou swimming pool, now renamed KerChiang Swimming pool (or something of that ilk. Its an OUTDOOR pool, but the medium sized pool does have a cover of sorts that provides protection from the elements. The smaller children’s pool has a water slide that is supervised (has fixed opening times) and is shallow enough for the little ones to splash about in. Also has a larger pool partly laned off for the serious swimmers.

It only costs NT$60. as you might imagine the changing rooms are not quite as salubrious as the Shihlin one, but not that bad. At NT$60 it is OK to drop in for an hour or so without getting the feeling you are being ripped off. But it is an outdoor pool.

There is a new pool recently opened up in Peitou. I believe it is somewhere close to that “garbage incinerator restaurant tower” !! It is an indoor complex and I think about NT$300. The only way to get there if you are not using your own transport is by taxi. I haven’t been there myself but my brother in-law was there recently and said it was not bad.

I think that may be it for the Tienmou area but no doubt someone else may come up with something.

Hi braxtonhicks, Eezzee and gproy,
thank you very much for your answers!( Thank you a lot braxtonhicks for the big effort you made to help me. It was very nice of you to send the email to everybody on the playgroup mailing list!!!) :thanks:
Actually we will try the pool above the Shilin MRT station although 500 NT entrance fee seems to be quite a rip off but everything else is just too far away from us!
Thanks a lot!
SAMC (happy again!)

$500 is a lot, but you can often buy a book of tickets in advance or a membership card that works out cheaper, around half price.

There’s a pool out on Yenping road that’s a little cheaper than the My Island. You can get there by the red 10 bus from in front of the Shihlin MRT station. (Across the street.) It has two indoor pools, one outdoor, exercise bikes and walker machines, and sauna and hot tubs. If I remember right, it was 4,800 for 30 tickets. Yen Ping Road

If you go for My Island, the one next to Shilin MRT, a book of tickets can work out at about 180NT each (you get two people in on one ticket). Anyway that’s what we get at the Zhong He branch, and it’s well worth it. A really nice place.

There’s also a pool on the way to the Palace Museum, next to the movie studio place, in Shilin, that’s supposed to be good.


You have to go fairly regularly to make it worthwhile. The book of 30 tickets is around TWD10,000 and they usually throw in two extra tickets on top, so it ends up being just less than TWD300 a visit. The tickets are mostly for weekdays, and a few for weekend/holidays. Tickets are good for 3 months from the purchase. If you use them yourself only, you have to go 3 times a week to make it. If you share with friends and family that’s still a lot of times to go. A year’s pass is around TWD30,000. I used to buy the ticket books occasionally, but I kept ending up going every day for the last week to use them all up. (If you end up like this, they will usually extend the expiration date a week or two if you ask nicely.)

found this:

No mentioning though whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, probably the latter …

This is more Beitou than Tianmu, but it’s certainly closer than going downtown. Right next to the Beitou garbage incinerator (the one with the revolving restaurant at the top of the chimney) is a brand new sports complex with swimming pools. Thing is there’s no public transport; you’ll need to drive there. Costs something like $120/visit.