Industrial design work opportunities in Taiwan

I am a newbie to the forum, hi everyone.
I am currently working in Japan as a industrial designer with few years experience in big consumer product company,
considering to move to taiwan perhaps a year later. :ponder:
since i married my taiwanese wife i visited taiwan several times and like the friendly ppl in taiwan and also lay back atmosphere there.

I am not sure if it is easy to settle in Taiwan as an Industrial designer.
Working as inhouse designer or a startup could be an option. :unamused:

Does anyone has experience doing product/industrial design work in Taiwan?
it would be nice to meet ppl from the design industry as well.

You could try contacting the Department of Industrial Design at Shih Chien University -

I live just down the street from the university and they have some pretty awesome industrial design student exhibits.

there are loads of brand name companies such as mio that do product design here & they hire foreigners.

so it is possible. i suggest checking with your wife

You can work in house or freelance on projects, lots of work once you build up a reputation and contacts. or have a good portfolio.

The fool:shin chine is pretty famous in the design fiels I heard, will go there and and if I can talk to someone for advice.
Stuartca: I’m checking 104 and 1111, I guess I should start to work on a chinese cv, do they acceptnenglish cv here? That would be easier for me.
HeadhonchoII:that would be one of my option, first will try to find some factories in Taiwan and what product can they produce, I know Taiwan is good at gadget stuff, not sure about other, but there must be something out there

yeah english cvs are fine if they are looking for a foreigner. but post one on the websites as well