Industrial toilet paper rolls and little pee pee balls

I got one of those big industrial toilet paper dispensers like in the restaurants and coffee shops. But I can’t find where to buy the toilet paper to put in it. Do I have to steal toilet paper rolls from public restrooms? B&Q doesn’t have it… Wellcome doesn’t have it… I’ll just have to steal it from the MRT…

Oh, and I also can’t find those little blue pee pee balls for the urinal. The urinal at my school is so stinky. We need those little blue soap balls (you know the kind you use for target practice and they emit this fragrant smell when you hit?)… Where can I buy those little things?

Remember to put up a sign, “do not eat the urinal mints”.

Go to the MRT station and ask them who their supplier is. As for the pee pee balls, I think you mean moth balls, you can buy them at grocery stores in the kitchen/laundry area.

Oh? Are those moth balls? Well, call me dumb, then… I guess you could make a lot of money if you took common moth balls and put them in a package labeled ‘urinal fresheners’

I could be wrong, there may be another product specifically for what you want, but I swear they are the same size, color, and smell of moth balls…