Inexpensive road trip for four days

I’ve found myself with a four day holiday around Dragon Boat festival and I’m trying to think of where to go.
I live in Taipei and I’ve seen most of what’s to see between Hsinchu and Ilan. Been to Hualien once, but just stayed on the grounds of a fancy resort. Never been south of Taichung in the west or Hualien in the east, never been to central Taiwan.
My friends tell me that I must see the south as it’s a whole different Taiwan.
I’m not a huge outdoors person, but I do enjoy some good hiking. I wouldn’t mind spending at least one night in a place with pubs and xiaojies.
I want to approach this purely as a road trip, buses, trains and hitching if necessary.
Any suggestions?

I heard the Dream club in Kausiung was good for meeting chicks. :smiling_imp:

Yeah, that’s right. Best to go there alone though, so you won’t have to compete with your mates.

Go to Cambodia

If you’ve only got four days you might want to consider Taroko Gorge and the Central Cross Island Highway, Sun Moon Lake etc. I did all my adventuring by motocycle which gives you a lot more freedom though at the same time you run the risk of mechanical failure in isloated areas. Would you consider hiring a bike for a few days?