Infertility test

Can somebody advise me on where I can go for an infertility test (in Taipei)?

Best :slight_smile: would be that I can take an appointment myself (in English): wouldn’t be good if my assistant had to call.

Thank you (and wish me luck!).


Obgyn on Roosevelt Rd, near Hsin Hai Road does fertility tests.
I’m not sure that any of the staff speak English, though.

My guess is that any obstetrics and gynaecology clinic will do a test for you, so you might want to try finding an English-speaking one first.

I’d be happy to get the exact address/phone number for Obgyn, if you want to try calling them.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital has a fertility clinic - I saw an English sign for it the other day while there. Do not know how you would contact them directly. You might be able to call the Priority Care Center located in the Adventist hospital and ask them, since they do speak English. Their information is:
02-2776-2651, 02-2776-2654
424 Pa-Te Road, Sec. 2, Taipei (I think it may be the same as BaDe Rd?)