Info about Big Snow Mountain/ DaXueShan ride/race?

I’ve heard about a ride/ race to climb DaXue Shan in Taichung county, possibly in May? But I can’t find specifics. I believe it’s sponsored by Giant. If anyone knows of a website (Chinese or English) with more information, please let me know!

Have you looked at Craig John’s site - I don’t know if any of the rides in the link below cover the ride… … ng-up.html

If you find something different then do update it here

here’s the official site … 0&id=10018

it is a Giant event but is not a race…43 km climb to 2300 meters.

Note: the event is May 1st so clashes with the Balaka/KOM race up north which CJ I think won last year (hence he bigs up the race on his site :slight_smile: )

The link to that event is

This race has a special feature which is it’s vast range of categories. As well as road bikes and MTBs you can compete in categories for “any old beaters” and retro road bikes (ie steel tubes?) so Irishstu would stand a great chance of a podium finish! Its 53 kms from Green Bay to the top(pish) of Datun Shan. Balaka is a fairly gentle climb (for Taipei standards).

Awesome, thanks!
I had seen the TUAA race too- it sounds like such a cool event, bummer it’s on the same day. But Daxueshan is right in my backyard- oddly enough I was just at that Giant shop and asked about it and they were like, our cycling club is going there next weekend, you can come. Guess I have to work on my Chinese. :s

so which event do you think you’ll do? i like the sounds of the King of the Mountain Yao Baraka event, but its so far from me in Kaohsuiung. Hrmmm…

Neither. :cry: Turns out the Daxueshan was sold out a long time ago, and I just couldn’t justify another weekend away to race. I’d like to do a TUAA event someday, though.