Info age created massive bottleneck of wannabes

this is just a theory i’ve been kicking around for awhile. have you noticed there is a LOT of everything nowadays? a lot of books. a lot of CDs. a lot of websites. a lot of good stuff. a lot of junk too.
we have so many choices we don’t know where to begin. i for one could spend an hour surfing alone.

the old saying that “if you build it they will come” holds true for the net. how many people posting on actually thought about being a “movie producer” til… maybe they’re just being a producer because YTC put the stupid idea in their head that they could. “hey look! here’s a site where everyone can post. send yours in today!!” and they do.

enter the “open system” of being discovered. everyone can enter. and everyone votes. the majority will win. it’s the people’s choice, instead of others deciding what we will watch, we’ll vote on what we like.

call me narcissistic or whatever: i don’t believe in the majority. groups have been proven to be wrong in their actions most of the time. group-think is a phenonmenon left over from our primate ancestors. homo sapien uses group think. homo excelsior(higher man0 thinks for himself.

It started with fashion and brand names - now group think is here to stay and because of it man will move backwards instead of forwards. The internet helps it along a little.

Been listening to Devo, eh?

I think I am a banana, and not one of those little green pesticide soaked taiwanese bananas either but a proud canadian banana just in from a skate on the pond and bit o the old play time with Rosie the wino.

Canada grows bananas? What, did you move the country to the Carribean?

For a second there I thought your signature line said “Asian stock pornography” but I was mistaken and apologize.

i think about when the US only had 3 networks: CBS,NBC, and ABC. we actually had better things to watch. i think about when there were only a few record companies. the music was better.

a lot of people say all this indie stuff is doing us good, but i fail to see where. seems the Jews and Italians did a much better job of weeding out what was good and bad(oh come off it. we all know who used to run things).

youtube and the net are the low bar. what’s so great about being featured on a site where there is no requirement to get in? true being “justified” by massive viewership would be good for my existence, but look what gets massive viewrship on youtube. i don’t want to be in that company.

the group at large CAN’T choose what’s good because appealing to the masses means appealing to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR… most of the time. if large groups could choose, we wouldn’t have elected officials. there’s the proof: the smaller the group the better the results. of course we have to draw the line at aristocracy and dictatorship.

what i mean is, taste. maybe my tastes were formed by people with “berg” or “lini” on the end of their names so i just don’t get this Gentile/non-Italian controlled new media world.
i hope the indies die to tell you the truth. too much junk glutting the market. neputism be damned, the Jews did entertainment right.

Seems like you’re commenting on information pollution… sort of. I’m not sure what the problem is. Not one forces you to go to (or anywhere else online.)

Or maybe you’re suffering from information overload. Just take a few steps away from the computer and go for a walk.

info overload as well as sensory overload!^^ gotta get off those big breast sites!

Canada grows bananas? What, did you move the country to the Carribean?[/quote]

Didn’t some Carribean country ask to be allowed to unify with Canada a while back?

I hear that. The ULTRAporn phase is a good one to be in though. It sure beats the reptiods vs. the greys conspiricy theorist phase.