Info on Boy Scout Unit Locations

WCIF info on Boy Scout unit locations? I’ve tried several online sites including sending an email to the Scouts of China HQ, but no luck so far. I’m particularly looking for Tainan County, but any good links will help.
Think what you will about BSA, but you won’t change my opinion of it. After 33 years of membership, I’m well aware of its policies and I have my own gripes. I’m just looking for contact info here.

Contact Taipei American School. They have a big scout group there with several teachers as scout leaders. If you send me a pm with your email I’ll send it on to a scout leader I know there.

If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t TAS have Boy Scouts of America? I’m really looking for a Scouts of China group since there’s no way I can be active with a BSA unit right now.

try the taiwan boyscouts (boy scouts of china, that is) webpage

Leaky bastards.


Dalat International School
My daughter is in the Girl Scouts through this school. They might have some ideas for you.

A couple of years back there was a wave of scandal in the BSA, but it mostly got handled internally. Amidst all the atheist law suits and the anti-homosexual charges, the BSA didn’t want even more attention coming their way, especially over something so ridiculous as the 2005 Seton Fire. If any of you have been to Philmont Scout Ranch, you’ll know that there’s a bunch of stuff pertaining to Waite Phillips and Ernest Thompson Seton in the library in the Philips mansion, there just outside of the entrance to Philmont itself. Well, most of it is boring crap about Philips hunting buffalo and fishing for trout and stuff like that. HOwever there is some really fascinating stuff in the Seton collection. Seton came up with the idea for the Scouts before Lord Baden-Powell. In fact, Baden-Powell stole most of his ideas from Seton, added some traditional english public school secret society bullshit, and came up with world wide scouting. This differed greatly from what Seton had wanted, but Baden-Powell simply bought him out. Additionally, there was some problem with Seton’s citizenship and the idea that the BSA was supposed to be an American organization. (I’ve never been clear on this part, as Baden-Powell was landed British gentry, but whatever. I don’t think the opposing sides were that clear either.) Anyway, the vision Seton had was not what the BSA had become. Ok that was in the 1940s.

Nowdays, there’s a group of scouts within the scouts called the OA. They’re an honor camping society. At the higher levels they are an alternate governing body than the BSA. They represent the more traditional Indian Guides Native American oriented group that Seton wanted to found. At some point between 2000 and 2004, somebody desecrated Baden-Powell’s grave in Kenya. It’s hard to say how bad the damage was, but there was rumor that actual bones/bodyparts (considering the guy died 65 years ago, I don’t know what’s left, but who knows) were taken. Who knows. It’s kenya. In retaliation, somebody burned down Seton’s library in Santa Fe, in the hopes of I guess removing his legacy. The funny thing is that all the BSA related papers are in Cimarron, at Philmont. It’s entirely possible this guy is part of this whole dumb thing. Hard to say… I’ve heard stranger…

head office is near the corner of JianGuo and Chang An, in a lane one block south east from jianguo.