Information and Resources on Dazhi History?

Hello, if anyone has any leads on where I can find information (in English) about the history of the Dazhi area I would be much obliged. I searched both the forum and the internet to no avail.

(Why my school put my non-Chinese speaking, non-Taiwanese self in charge of finding this is beyond me, but nevertheless I would sincerely, greatly appreciate any help.)


I would find the old Chinese or Taiwanese name for the place and start doing a search on Google books, NTU library website and the National Central Library website. There are a lot of history books out there in English on Taiwan.

Check out some of the university history department websites and start emailing professors, explaining your task.

Here, quick search and I found a reference to mining in the area: … q=&f=false

Or wait, here’s a site on the development of the Dazhi community. Man you are one lousy Googler :laughing: : … ndex1.html

They have an exceptionally good baseball team.

Ah, apparently so, and I used to be known for my exceptional googling skills! Drat. Seriously though, thank you thank you for your help. :bow:
Time to go impress some 5 year olds!