Information of medical procedures in taiwan

how would i find out about certain medical procedures in taiwan? any suggestions? thanks

Most procedures in the big hospitals should be fairly similar to anywhere else in the world. The doctors are well trained but seem tired and overworked and so tend to be rather cursory in their examinations - which is pretty much the case worldwide.

My main complaints are related to drug prescriptions. Antibiotics are way over-prescribed. And all drug prescriptions come with only general instructions for how much and how often to take the pills. There is no indication of what they are actually for or any possible side effects. So you either have faith in the doctor and take the pills without question or else you look up the drugs on the internet somewhere and see what info you can find there about what they are.

On the positive side, medical care costs are quite reasonable in Taiwan.

Since our own diet and lifestyle choices create a lot of our own medical problems, my best advice is to practice preventive maintenance. Keep your body as healthy as possible through maintaining a reasonable weight, eating properly, taking vitamins, exercising frequently, and stress management.

That is a very vague question. There is a thread about surgery in Taiwan.