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English article discussing the above.


I don’t understand. If I am on a jfrv, I can apply for public jobs? 960 hours? At what pay?

80hr per month, up to 960 hr, 160 NTD per hr, apply at public employment service office.

Foreign spouses are also included in the subsidy for low income part time workers they passed yesterday.

More details are on MOL site in Chinese.

So if I am on a jfrv at a cram school, I am out of luck. Aprc holders get a 30000 one time payment and I get to work for 160 an hour? Is that right?

Should have switched to an APRC. Damm.

Kids must have Taiwan ID (one parent must be Taiwanese)

A combination of citizen kids and APRC parents is out?

Not. But is it possible for kids to be Taiwanese, if both parents are foreigners?

renunciation or adaption possibly?

not out? or not eligible?

It was said, kids must have Taiwan ID, nothing else.

I added the Taiwanese parent part, since that is usually the condition. There might be exceptions you mentioned. I think those are very rare.

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Understood that is the way it “was” however the posts were in relation to the announcement that the scheme was/would be “extended” to include APRC holders, hence trying the system again.

Based on what I seen in parenting pages on FB both the kid and parent must have Taiwanese ID’s to apply online. Parents with A(P)RC’s were being rejected , despite their children having Taiwanese ID’s, whereas their Taiwanese spouse could apply successfully.

Interestingly a Taiwanese couple whose children had ARC’s but not Taiwanese ID’s stated they were rejected.

Hopefully this will now change with the “extension” of the scheme and perhaps some time in the distant future we’ll be included in the first round of such schemes. I guess the continued difference in our new ID numbers has a purpose.

Or a divorced parent where the local is out of the picture.

Get ready y’all!


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As I am married to a Taiwanese person, they will provide me with a part time job. Maximum 12000 dollars a month.

I just told the kids that they have to move out because I can’t afford to look after them.

The nine year old took it well, but the four year old won’t leave without his toys.


You’re kidding… right?

Yes I am. The nine year old didn’t take it well at all.


yes i read about that, i wonder what kind of work it is? i mean i see the “helpers” standing and sitting round at the MRT and the Tax office, kind of easy work if you ask me.

scan/deliver documents at office, deriver meals at hospital, check ID and temperature at entrance of traditional market, public space cleaning, etc.

TaiwanJobs has a page listing jobs for the program.

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The mundane randomness of these assignments intrigues me in a way that I can’t explain.

Is anyone familiar with the subsidy for APRC holders? I work in a cram school but I don’t have the labor insurance so I’m not sure if I qualify or not.