Information on Covid Relief Packages

Do you have any concern about keeping your arc? If the schools don’t start up again before September or October what will you do? Best of luck to you in these terrible times

Thanks for your kind words @stinsonlover !

I have an APRC, which puts me in a slightly better position. I’m not dependant on an employer for my visa and I can (in theory) work anywhere. I am also encouraged to see that APRC holders are included in the aid package (unlike our ARC brothers and sisters).

My thought right now is that Taiwan is in the (relatively) early stages of covid response. I know that in other countries it took a while for governments to fine-tune their policies to meet the needs of different demographics. There were a lot of teething problems. They would announce aid for one group, then another group would complain, then they would have to take care of that group etc etc etc…

I imagine it will be the same situation here. And, I guess, in the grand scheme of things foreign English teachers are pretty far down the list of priorities.

Plan is to sit tight for the time being. If there has been no communication in the next few weeks I will have to reassess. But something tells me there will have to be some kind of aid for residents who, through no fault of their own, are unable to work.


Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. The locally produced vaccine maker said they expect 10 million doses to be available by the end of the year.

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For those with children the NT$10,000 subsidy for kids can be applied for on the 15th, should receive on the 18th, I believe applications are open until September. The website having that teensy bit of English and the fact that an NHI card is used to apply gives the tiniest hope that it is also open to furiners. Check on the 15th.

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Though I haven’t found any information clearly say foreigners are excluded, neither any information saying foreigners are included.

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Hopefully by then they will actually have real-world data about how effective it is. If people around the world (and in TW) have been spooked by rare blood clots and misinformation making claims about “unproven experimental” mRNA technology, I’d imagine there might be more than a few people who aren’t comfortable getting jabbed with a vaccine that hasn’t been through a Phase III trial.

dont know if you have seen this… i thought i posted it somewhere but cant find it now…

basically says taiwanese id only… this is for a lot of industries like entertainment, bars, restaurant workers etc…

Yes, requirements of many industries say it is for cisitzens, or national ID or certificates that only nationals can get should be submitted. The 10k NTD for parents of kids via MOE require parents’ ID, but don’t say explicitly that you need a national ID, as far as I know. I will be surprised if my ARC is accepted, though.

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Here is some Covid Relief information for companies posted by a friend

Taiwan’s central government has made available Covid Relief Programs for many businesses


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Taipei city education department announced additional packages, which might be applied to some forumosans.

I tried and found at least the child should not be a foreigner. The site does not accept an NHI number same with the ARC.
How if the kid is a national with foreign parents, or if the kid is a NWOHR, I don’t know.

People seriously. Don’t waste time anymore getting handouts from this waste of a system. It’s not going to work unless fundamental changes are made to the constitution regarding citizenship, hukou etc


That’s what people who aren’t eligible might say. If one is eligible, why turn down free money?

And pray tell me which foreigner is eligible?

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Ones with APRC

No, ones that are Taiwanese National

part of APRC holders are counted in some packages.
Each local government may also provide own packages with different criteria.

Initial reports I see on Facebook from parents trying this is that “foreign” children’s NHI numbers are not being accepted.

If you’ve tried, please confirm here if you were successful/unsuccessful and whether you and your child hold and ARC or APRC. Don’t have my kids NHI cards on me so will try later this evening.


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Did it this morning.
Quickly finished in under 5 minutes.
It accepted all of my kids NHI card numbers. Mother is Taiwanese, father is not.