Information on Taiwan air crash (1970)


Passenger…he was going to be stationed at
CCK.Happy to not be going to Vietnam.


Hi my name is ray. In June 1970 I received orders to CCK. I was given a choice of leaving in September or October. I chose October. Of course my travel orders came for September. I arrived at CCK in September 7.

I remember the accident and the ensuing search.

Over the years, I have wondered about who was on that flight. I’ve tried to find a manifest but have been Unsuccessful

I believe that some of the guys were in my security police graduating class from Lackland AFB in January 1970.

If u have any info about the passengers I would like to know. Two of the people that went with me in September were graduates from my class.

I hope u had luck in having closure in this matter


Hello Ray,

First, thanks for your service. Daniel Kritzer has trained for military police at Lackland also but not sure when he graduated. This was to be his first assignment. We have not seen a manifest for the flight but many of the names are listed on the memorial in St Louis. Appreciate your note.



Hi Chuck. Thanks for the info. I’ll b following up to c if I can get answers to some of my questions- Ray


Chuck,Ray there was a post above about a CCK Facebook group. I found a passenger list.


Arrive in Taiwan next week. Hope to get close to site of crash and possibly find those who recall. If nothing else, will be good to visit. Thanks to all.


Have a great trip!


Hello my husband was killed on that plane… I was only 18 at the time and he was 23… he was a computer specialist and had been stationed at Hamilton AFB in CA. I had all the names at one time of all the passengers and crew Redakted of corse of SSN… I sent it on to his family in the 90s . It was like 28 years later that I received all this info including pictures and what was said to the tower before they went down. We received his body which was one of maybe five that could be identified… I’ll tell you how I got all this info if you want to contact me… this is over whelming for me…


It is one thing to lose a sibling but a whole different to lose a spouse. So sorry to hear. Thanks for your willingness to share. We arrive in Taipei today and tomorrow, we are meeting an elder who was part of the recovery. Hoping to learn more about the location and details. Will be more than happy to update.


I’m really sorry to hear that :frowning:


Many years ago I knew I would never be where he parished with all the others… something about being in that place… I would love to hear about your wife’s experience and yours… if you go on my FB page I posted a picture him last Sunday. My FB is under Dallas Scott. The profile picture is of Autumn Trees…


Thank you for your thoughts.


Went to your Facebook but couldn’t see anything as we are not connected. We are going to site this morning with a guide and some local people who helped with recovery. Will remember all who perished. Here is last picture of Dan.


I’ll try to send his picture to you… where did Dan board his plane from the states? . Robert left from the Oakland airport I could of been SF my memory nots so good. then off to Anchorage Alaska…!
He also was at Lackland AFB Texas 68/69 and then went to Colorado Springs for some training before being stationed at Hamilton AFB 1970. Let me try to upload a picture, I’m not quite sure on this format maybe I’ll just copy it. Also I remember another soldier boarding the same plane with his family… maybe 2 more. Gosh it’s so many years. Memories come in mind and flicker but then go.



I’m glad you were able to find some.


We found the crash site and a few local people who either recalled the accident or actually participated in recovery efforts. I will try and upload a couple pictures of the location. It is absolutely a beautiful spot. I am going to look into having a “monument” or marker put permanently at the spot. Will keep you appraised if it happens.


It looks like u had a great day! Beautiful!


My Mom . Rex’s sister passed away on Monday.I would like to place a mountain picture with her.I hope there having a fine time reuniting up there.


The mountains surrounding the crash cite looks beautiful. I always pictured it being dank and rainy but it’s nice to see the beauty of the place… a nice memory to have to replace what I had thought. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Keep me apprised of the monument marker idea.