Inheriting Landed Property in Taiwan by a Foreigner?

I was born in Taipei but migrated to Singapore since 1 year old. I am now a Singapore Citizen but my dad kept his Taiwan citizenship to inherit landed property from my grandfather. My dad just passed away recently but left no will before he passed away.
Q1. Will I being a Singapore Citizen, be able to inherit his landed property?
Q2. Which government agency should I approach to find all the properties he owned?
Q3. Is there any inheritance tax in Taiwan?

Appreciate any advise I can get1

The short answer is find a lawyer, don’t rely on input from random strangers on the internet for something so important.


first thing you should do is to know if you were registered in your father’s hukou at your birth, and if your nationality was renounced later. Ask to a lawyer for more, as already suggested.

This is good advice.

@kaze Here you go! This is my lawyer.

Tell him Marco sent you!