Insanely fast electric motorbike

ffffffftttt!!!.. Now Here’s a 'green ‘scooter’ for ya…The battery-powered motorbike that does 0-60mph in under ONE SECOND

Video at link.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]ffffffftttt!!!.. Now Here’s a 'green ‘scooter’ for ya…The battery-powered motorbike that does 0-60mph in under ONE SECOND

Video at link.[/quote]

That bike is just insanely fast. That’s all it does… It’s a drag bike… But man does it go…

The inventor of the bike crashed it pretty darn good during an expedition. He was trying to do a burn out for the camera but the front wheel went up just enough and gone he was in a split second. Looks like when the bike started pulling, the poor lad was just hanging on for dear life. The more it pulled, the more he was opening up the throttle because he was just trying to hang on to the handlebars. Should have known better… He designed and built the bike…

Link to footage here.


I think it’s probably a good idea to make electric vehicles seem more exciting and not just the domain of those who carry fringy woven shoulderbags. The only electric vehicles I saw when I was a kid were milk floats; and while I did go through the usual train driver/astronaut aspirations, I never once wanted to be a milkman. It would have been quite different if the milk had been delivered on something like this, or even a Tesla.

Seriously, though, apparently the battery technology used in this awesome beast may eventually make its way through to the mass market. A possible step on the way is described about two thirds of the way down this page: … 25752.html

[quote]Man-machine Hybrid Motorcycle

One of the more unusual products on display this year [at 2008 INTERMOT Cologne] was the eROCKIT, though with a price tag of 29,000 euro, millionaires may be the target market at first.

Developed by ErockIT Gmbh of Germany, the eROCKIT resembles an electric bicycle on steroids. The motorcycle is driven by a hybrid system of electricity and pedal power. The bike accelerates by peddling, with extra propulsion delivered from the electric motor. No sluggard, the stylish bike can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h (about 50 mph).

The operating range of the vehicle reaches 60 to 80 km (37 to 50 miles), depending on driving and road conditions.

The eROCKIT has a serial hybrid propulsion system that lets the rider control the motor speed through a crank assembly and an inter-connected generator. The generator monitors the rotation of the crank assembly and sends an output signal to the control electronics according to the rider`s peddling speed. The control electronics steers the electric motor with the received signal as a reference point. The faster you peddle, the faster the motor rotates the rear wheel. The generator thus has a double role of sending signals to the control electronics and transferring the peddling force into electricity to recharge the battery.

The unique machine uses lithium-ion nano-phosphate batteries with high power and long lifespan. They can be recharged at regular, household power plugs and are fully charged in about three hours. The eROCKIT battery pack is contained in a carbon-fiber reinforced box. In addition, the vehicle adopts regenerative braking by means of an additional electric brake and thus captures braking energy and uses it to recharge its batteries.

The eROCKIT also is made with high-end motorcycle parts, such as suspension forks, shock absorbers, wheels and braking systems.

Representatives of ErockIT pointed out that the company was founded in 2005 to develop a new kind of “highly emotional electric motorcycle.” Four prototypes have been built and successfully tested so far, he said. The company plans to produce only 10 vehicles in 2009. [/quote]

hmmmm,the only electrical power that i know that,s works is a battery fork lifts,i know, is not a bikes or a car.but is been around for years from dc to ac systems and they technology works! one 24 or 48v fully charge from 6 to 8 hours,they can be use up till 2 or 3 days.8hours a days job!!!depending of they works.
the fork lift it self is not light!

My dad leased a Honda EV Plus from 1998 to 2003. Then the lease came up, and couldn’t be renewed; nor could he buy the car.

It was a wonderful piece of machinery.

It’s coming… … le-by-2010 … -green.php

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]ffffffftttt!!!.. Now Here’s a 'green ‘scooter’ for ya…The battery-powered motorbike that does 0-60mph in under ONE SECOND

Video at link.[/quote]

In some/many jurisdictions, three wheeled vehicles are classified as motorcycles which means they don’t have to meet the same restrictions as cars for safety or emissions. I’d rather have an electric like that, with two seats and a rollcage for safety. It could be made much lighter thus more efficient and faster with less horsepower (re: the power-to-weight ratio).

Three wheelers fall into two categories: “tricycles” (no thanks) and “tadpoles”. Tricycles may have good acceleration from two rear wheels, but the tadpole-style has two front-wheels for braking power to keep you alive. They also don’t fall over. … cle/10828/

Here’s a gas-powered three wheeler I’d like to try and see if it could be done with electric: the T-Rex. There is an electric version of the Ariel Atom, so why not?